Saturday, March 28, 2020

Knasir ‘Dug’ McDaniel 2022 - Making Pure Point Guard Play Great Again

Knasir ‘Dug’ McDaniel’s is a powerful guard who is one of the nation's best, plays the way that a point guard should play while leading the defensive charge for his mates. He has very good quickness and handles the ball as if connected to his hand while being very adept at creating for both himself and his teammates as he shows tremendous floor vision and good passing ability off the dribble.

McDaniel places a great deal of pressure on opposing defenses by getting into the paint. Off of his penetration, he gets the ball to his teammates in places where they can score easily. He also has the strength and muscle to take contact at the rim, adjust in the air, and finish.

Although he is at his best in the open floor, he is still very effective in a half-court set. He has a wide array of dribble moves in his arsenal, but none more explosive than his right to left cross-over dribble. He is a versatile player inside the lane because he punishes rotating defenders with his passing ability, doesn't need much space to pull-up off the dribble, and is an excellent finisher inside for a player his size.

While being an adequate three-point shooter when his feet are set he will have to improve his jump shot range by fine tuning his mechanics - He is certainly at his best when picking his spots and letting the game come to him. What may be most impressive about ‘Dug’ is his work on the defensive end of the floor. While many of the nation's most talented players are disinterested in that side of the court, he is just the opposite. He is very aggressive on that end of the floor and has a unique ability to pick-up and turn the opposing ball-handler for the entire length of the floor. He is also an effective rebounder for his size and has no fear of getting in there mixing it up.

‘Dug’ who plays for the nationally ranked PVI program out of Virginia roles the ball out for the NIKE based Team Takeover and currently has high major interest from multiple schools with offers from Florida, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, George Washington, George Mason and Mt. St. Mary’s.

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