Thursday, January 23, 2020

What Can Brown Do For You?

Virginia's Jamal Brown is taking names and is relentlessly causing havoc imposing his will possession by possession.  Brown is a strong and physical perimeter player who right now and for the immediate future is a man among boys in his age bracket and class. 

His physical strength and ability to play through contact and finish at this age at the basket – with the dunk- is the first thing that jumps out at you but there's  any many more subtleties to his game if you watch closely. 

He owns a solid set of skills and isn’t afraid to use them – as he doesn’t always run through the wall, he’s found many ways to go around it.  Brown is a threat to make both catch-and-shoot threes as well as mid-range pull-ups. 

His frame can absorb contact on his way to the rim and he has long arms. He's got a better feel for the game than advertised as many think it’s simply that he is bigger and stronger – it’s not just that he has show capable of all the evaluation points, ball handling, shooting, vision etc. 

He plays with poise, makes quick and sound decisions with the ball, and is a good passer - both with his ability to see and pass above opposing defenders and also making quick next passes around the perimeter.

We project Brown’s future trajectory as physical power wing who is achieving success to date granted largely tied to his physical strength and aggressive scoring mentality, but whose upside without question  comes in correlation to his basketball I.Q. and versatility and in terms of his overall high level potential ability to facilitate for those around him as well as himself.

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