Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Real McCoy - California's Next Top Prospect in the Class of 2026

Taking the class by storm is a long armed combo guard who shoots it very well and his name is Brandon McCoy; learnt he name now so you don’t have to learn it later.  McCoy has the ability to play lead guard, but operates at this juncture as a big time point producer – knowing the IQ is there tells a very big part of the story and will pay dividends in the not so distant future. 

Already showing a strong ability to handle with both hands while displaying court vision and unselfishness, as talented as he is Brandon still looks to get his teammates involved. His shooting range is impressive and will only expand as he grows and gains strength.  His mid-range jumper is also dependable and accurate, as he is showing he is one of the top players not only on the west coast but the country – if there is a better player on the west coast at this time we have not identified him as of this posting. Defensively he shines by putting his length to good us and sustaining good feet and a low stance to lock up opponents and influence the outcome of a game on the defensive end.

Brandon McCoy will be involved in top player consider in the class of 2026 moving forward and his stock continues to rise.

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