Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tayshawn Bridges 2024 is Wisconsin's Next Man Up - We Suggest You Pay Attention

Tayshawn  ability to score makes him an elite prospect - His ability to play point guard raises his stock to an even higher level and has him the conversation as one of the best in the country.  Out of Wisconsin the same state the produced recent Gonzaga commit Jalen Suggs, Tayshawn Bridges is taking the torch as the next big guard prospect to come out of the state with a national profile.

We evaluating players this early, and at this size we have to look at transferable skill – because he is an excellent basketball player his size won't prevent him from being an impact guy at the collegiate level.

At the end of the day Tayshawn is a scorer who constantly attacks and put pressure on the paint. He has a gift for putting the ball in the basket.  Also a solid shooter with his feet set to 22 feet – shot will need be a little compact and the release a tad quicker; now more if a combo guard - we project him as a lead guard at the highest level. He has a good mid range game and is an excellent slasher to the basket while his athleticism can make him a top notch defender.  It is essential that he go to a high school program that is going to put the ball into his hands. This should be an easy negotiation as we are talking about one o f the top guard prospects in the class and country.

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