Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tarik Watson Equals Tons of Problems

On talent alone, there simply aren't many better prospects in the country in the class of 2024 than Tarik Watson. His combination of size, strength, athleticism, skill, and intellect is off the charts. At this age he brings a businesslike approach that allows him to consistently dominant the player in front of him and at times entire teams.

Watson has an incredible combination of length and power with and what is developing into a massive upper body. He has broad shoulders, big hands, and a high motor to match. While he may already be built like a man, there is plenty of upside left to discover. Tarik is already an outstanding rebounder, and is truly elite on the offensive glass. Offensively, he runs well to score in transition and shows some potential in the mid-post where he can turn, face, and straight line drive or even shows a little bit of a developing touch.

His natural talent level is staggering and the old school style is a refreshing change from the perimeter orientated style many players are playing Watson in a throwback to another era and day. His ability to handle and pass the basketball at his size is absolutely off the charts and gives him incredible potential as a playmaking forward and mismatch problem in the future. 

We envision him being able to take the ball off the glass and lead the break without problem, make quick instinctive improvisations with the ball in his hands and create offense for both himself and his teammates. His overall feel for the game and basketball I.Q. is equally high and his ability to see the game more than one pass ahead at his size is truly unique both offensively and defensively – which is what helps him to be such an elite shot-blocker. 

His shooting stroke, while not initially as natural as his ball-handling and passing, is improving rapidly with work will surely be just as impressive as the rest of his skill set. Physically, he has the frame to play through contact and good athleticism for his size, both of which make him capable of being a high level finisher and rebounder as well at the next level and beyond.

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