Sunday, January 26, 2020

Future Pro Alert - P2Bball Stamping Clsss of 2023 Dejuan Wagner Jr.

The son of former Memphis Tiger and NBA player Dejuan Wagner carries the same name and frankly a lot of the same game.  Whereas currently he may not be as explosive of an athlete as dad he makes up for in by being a more dynamic playmaker. We are looking at a pure high level scoring savant. 

We love his attacking style; he exudes a confidence well beyond the freshman class which he is in.  When the ball is tipped he is turns into a killer - instinct that can't be taught and he puts it on display attacking opponents on all 3-levels and does it effectively. 

At time he’s not the most efficient as he is a volume guy at this juncture, being coached by former pro Rick Brunson will correct this is short order but frankly the mentality doesn’t need to be adjusted simply picking his spots.  He is in the verge of being an unstoppable force and the only question is when does he take over the HS world and get into the discussion of best regardless of class.  This is the level of talent Wagner brings to the table.

 He has great burst with his first step, can get to the rack like few other guards in the game, and finish equally with either hand. Overall, what makes him so imposing is the sheer relentlessness that he plays with. 

Work him in pick-and-rolls, put him in isolation, watch him pass off the dribble. He's a scoring threat in all three levels because he can rise and fire at virtually any time off the dribble out to the three-point line.

Dad was very special, a pro having reached the highest of the sport – with that said the path for the Wagner Jr. looks to have a similar destination;P2Bball thinks we are looking at another pro in the Wagner family.

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