Sunday, January 26, 2020

Future Pro Alert - P2Bball Stamping Clsss of 2023 Dejuan Wagner Jr.

The son of former Memphis Tiger and NBA player Dejuan Wagner carries the same name and frankly a lot of the same game.  Whereas currently he may not be as explosive of an athlete as dad he makes up for in by being a more dynamic playmaker. We are looking at a pure high level scoring savant. 

We love his attacking style; he exudes a confidence well beyond the freshman class which he is in.  When the ball is tipped he is turns into a killer - instinct that can't be taught and he puts it on display attacking opponents on all 3-levels and does it effectively. 

At time he’s not the most efficient as he is a volume guy at this juncture, being coached by former pro Rick Brunson will correct this is short order but frankly the mentality doesn’t need to be adjusted simply picking his spots.  He is in the verge of being an unstoppable force and the only question is when does he take over the HS world and get into the discussion of best regardless of class.  This is the level of talent Wagner brings to the table.

 He has great burst with his first step, can get to the rack like few other guards in the game, and finish equally with either hand. Overall, what makes him so imposing is the sheer relentlessness that he plays with. 

Work him in pick-and-rolls, put him in isolation, watch him pass off the dribble. He's a scoring threat in all three levels because he can rise and fire at virtually any time off the dribble out to the three-point line.

Dad was very special, a pro having reached the highest of the sport – with that said the path for the Wagner Jr. looks to have a similar destination;P2Bball thinks we are looking at another pro in the Wagner family.

The Real McCoy - California's Next Top Prospect in the Class of 2026

Taking the class by storm is a long armed combo guard who shoots it very well and his name is Brandon McCoy; learnt he name now so you don’t have to learn it later.  McCoy has the ability to play lead guard, but operates at this juncture as a big time point producer – knowing the IQ is there tells a very big part of the story and will pay dividends in the not so distant future. 

Already showing a strong ability to handle with both hands while displaying court vision and unselfishness, as talented as he is Brandon still looks to get his teammates involved. His shooting range is impressive and will only expand as he grows and gains strength.  His mid-range jumper is also dependable and accurate, as he is showing he is one of the top players not only on the west coast but the country – if there is a better player on the west coast at this time we have not identified him as of this posting. Defensively he shines by putting his length to good us and sustaining good feet and a low stance to lock up opponents and influence the outcome of a game on the defensive end.

Brandon McCoy will be involved in top player consider in the class of 2026 moving forward and his stock continues to rise.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Zion Harmon Pushes Back Kansas Visit Amidst Brawl and Suspensions

One of the most polarizing stars to ever grace Middle School has gone on to put together a an exceptional high school resume. He is now preparing for the next level entertaining a multitude of offers from school such as Kentucky, Maryland, and Louisville to name just a few (full list below).  One of the more coveted offers that “The Lion” holds is the Kansas, who employs a system that he is very familiar with.

The potential is still out there for Harmon to move up to the class of 2020 has the challenges remaining at this level remain few – with Harmon having checked most boxes a long time ago now if there is such a thing for a high school player.  The country should be looking for a decision sometime around mid-March as to if the Harmon will be taking his talents to the next level in 2020 or thereafter.  This decision will likely be determined by the path of draft entrants and transfers.  Ranked #20 in ESPN most recent 2021 ranking Harmon is a day one impact freshman who will garner court time wherever he lands.

Harmon who is now playing again in KY, at Marshall County High School has schedule a visit to Kansas on Feb. 2-3; (as Kansas in currently dealing with some issues of its own this weel) opposed to being court side for this weekend’s Tennessee match-up.  

There is no confirmation of this information – but predicts Harmon will be either a Terp or a Jayhawk before the next college basketball season begins.

Current Offers:

  • Kentucky 
  • Maryland 
  • Murray St
  • Western Kentucky 
  • Kansas 
  • Auburn
  • Tennessee 
  • LSU
  • Seton Hall
  • St. Louis 
  • Vanderbilt 
  • Stephen F Austin
  • Creighton

Jahnathan Lamothe is the Big Man On Campus for the Nationally Ranked St. Frances Panthers

A belated Christmas gift for basketball fans is quickly approaching as two of the top High School teams in ESPN’s National HS Rankings prepare to face-off against each other in a highly anticipated matchup of local powerhouses  - #19 Poly (12-1 – Baltimore, Md.) and #21 St. Frances (22-3 – Baltimore, Md.)

Taking the stage that night will be one of the nation’s top freshman prospects, 6’4, SG Jahnathan  Lamothe for the #21 ranked St. Frances Panthers.  The strength John’s game is simply to get buckets. Lamothe has a unique size and feel with a knack on how to create space and find his shot while maintaining control – he plays at his own pace. 

He consistently delivers a solid percentage and always keeps the defense on its heels. He delivers on the defense of glass and excels with the ability to push it in transition and get into the paint where he can finish or locate a teammate showing the ability to make the right read and basketball play.   This has been his biggest improvement; coupled with him not being equally dedicated on the defensive end making him a complete player and prospect that can influence a game on both sides of the ball.

When the game slows down he's clever and instinctual enough to create his own scoring opportunities and find others. His range is deep and his release is quick. The understanding and skill and to play off screens and use his floater in the paint is impressive.

As a 6’4 guard the size and skill combination is impacting his class and national status – long defined by his deep range and quick release he has the confidence and ability to be an elite scorer. But what make him special is that he is one of the few in the class who can score from all three levels and include a floater. He’s had an outstanding freshman campaign and will shine this summer as one of the best combination guards in the country.

Scouts will be in attendance with his named circled when this long awaited match-up occurs in less than 48-hours on January 25th

2023 PG Kamal Francis Makes Unofficial Visit to UMBC

2023 point guard Kamal Francis (6’2, 160lbs - MD) “being just a freshman visiting a Division I campus and seeing the regimen, facilities and meeting the coaching staff and players provided him an excellent indication of what is going to take to reach this level of play” said Team Melo’s Donald Duncan.

Francis added, “I just want to stay humble, however, I am grateful and truly appreciative of UMBC and Coach Lewis for taking the time and showing interest in me.”

Francis is a smooth and skilled combo guard with good positional size and length. He has a natural feel and touch with good hands and a quick instinct and a high basketball IQ. He's a reliable ball-handler and good shooter off both the catch and the dribble. He's quick and fluid covering the court and moves equally well laterally making him an excellent on the ball defender. He performs at a high level in the mid-range area, and is even smart enough to use misdirection at various points in his attack.  Must finish better in the paint but that should improve as he builds his core strength.  

Kamal is one of those players that is moving up national boards slowly but surely, the reason why is exemplified by the game winning shot below – currently considered as one of the top guard prospects in the national class of 2023,  he combines a natural feel for the game with a good skill set, positional size, and solid length with a high developmental ceiling.