Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Evan Young Shooting his Way to the Top

P2bball has consistently referred to Utah’s Evan Young as the best shooter in the country at the middle/grammar school level regardless of class. Young’s rise to becoming the best shooter in the country comes from a pattern of hard work and intense preparation that has paid off immensely. Top rated Middle School All-American Evan Young may be one of the most respectful and soft spoken players you will meet off the court; maybe people are fooled because of the way he looks – on the court it he is fully equipped with killer instinct, he is an unbelievable competitor.  

In this game at any level it takes an exceptionally competitive and determined person to become, perhaps literally, the best at any one skill and Young is, has been, and from the looks of this video below will remain so for an extended period of time – one of the best pure shooters in the country.

In watching this workout video you will see the following in every shot:

· Toes to target - toes are pointing to the basket

· Feet are shoulder-width apart 

· Forming the letter L with his shooting arm 

· Wrinkling of the wrist: the skin on his wrist wrinkles when cocked

· Bending and extension of his legs

· Elbow is above his eyebrow 

· Hand in the hoop

· Freeze of the follow-through

· Power deriving from base – notice feet landing FORWARD (this is where the power is generated for distance shooting)


For those wondering what scouts look for in various aspects of the game and what determines poor, average, good, and great – what you see here is how shooters are judge and why we have long stated and will continue to state; Evan Young is one of the best shooters in the country.  

Anyone who disagrees let us see the video tape!

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