Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Darrius Tilghman - New National Prospect has People Asking How He Can Just Kill-a-Man

D. Tilghman stock is soaring in the 2021 class

Standing 6’5, SG-Darrius Tilghman is on the verge of national prominence in the class of 2021. A Baltimore, Md. product Tilghman is tremendously versatile with a multi-faceted skill set. At present we are talking about one of the top long-term prospects in the country; and our analysis is that he just about ready to make an impact.  Darrius Tilghman has the talent to carry a program and is exactly the type of product that the shoe companies want. The ultimate sneaker kid type he can prepare to enter a bidding war as soon as this summer, he’s tough and he plays with flair – just what the brands want. Through slight of build you can easily see his true basketball frame and as a younger 2021 player physically you can see the potential for several more inches. With his current skill set that means trouble and a potential assault on the rankings. We are talking easily top 15 to 20 with potential for even better results based on this year’s production and his long term projection.

He is effective at all three levels but consistency and reps are required; his ball-handling for his size will have many salivating at the possibilities he possesses. Defensively, he utilizes his length to play the passing lanes, get deflections, and impact as a on ball and weak side defender. The long arms, mean streak, motor and activity are all great evaluation qualities and shows up tangibly on the glass as he is effective rebounding both in and out of his area.

Has a short memory and what really is scary is that he confident to show aspects of his game in live action that makes you say; once he hones that particular skill he is going to be one tough cover. This combination of moves, size, skill, and upside don’t only make him intriguing it makes him a must have showpiece for someone as soon as this someone as he unquestionably has the ability to play circuit ball; depending on location, at either the 15U or 16U level. He does it on both ends and will be a candidate for invites to the top camps and events. 

Write it down, make note, take picture – it doesn’t matter, but whatever you do make sure Tilghman is in your discussion when the conversation about the best in class of 2021.

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