Friday, November 25, 2016

EXCLUSIVE G3 Grind Exposures the Truth About Life on the Shoe Circuit

The AAU world at times can be a grimy business; and it becomes even more serious and treacherous once you get to the high school side where money, contracts, shoe affiliations can impact a multitude of decisions and movement.

Mike Saunders out of Indiana and formally of the George Hill All-Stars entered this world roughly 90-days ago. In a exclusive we sat down with Saunders of the newly formed G3 Grind who we featured in an article earlier this week.

The purpose? After being one of the most respected organization and coaches on the middle and grammar school side we wanted to see if our theory was true and find out what his experience has been in this new world of high school circuit contracts.

Click below at your own risk and unlock the truth; you wont be able to unsee this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Darrius Tilghman - New National Prospect has People Asking How He Can Just Kill-a-Man

D. Tilghman stock is soaring in the 2021 class

Standing 6’5, SG-Darrius Tilghman is on the verge of national prominence in the class of 2021. A Baltimore, Md. product Tilghman is tremendously versatile with a multi-faceted skill set. At present we are talking about one of the top long-term prospects in the country; and our analysis is that he just about ready to make an impact. 

Jaden Springer Carolina’s Blue Blood Baller Could be America's Top Freshman Performer

Pundits often state with respect to basketball; that “none of it matters until high school” – well Jaden Springer is making the most of his opportunity when it matters.  How impressive a start to high school has Jaden Springer had?  In short he has been so impressive that NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson even decided to come out and see what all of the buzz was about.

NIKE & Under Armour Continue to Impact National Landscape with Program Additions

The rich are getting richer; CP3 who is one of the top programs in the country regardless of brand and has the luxury shared by only a handful of team in the USA.  They have the pro sponsorship from NBA Superstar Chris Paul, they have the sponsorship and support from the GOAT and the Jordan Brand, and they hold a relationship with NIKE and the EYBL circuit.

Evan Young Shooting his Way to the Top

P2bball has consistently referred to Utah’s Evan Young as the best shooter in the country at the middle/grammar school level regardless of class. Young’s rise to becoming the best shooter in the country comes from a pattern of hard work and intense preparation that has paid off immensely.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The New Rio Trio - Biggest Move of the 2017 Summer May Have Just Happened in the Winter of 2016

It’s easy to tell why every major shoe brand and program in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond have had their eye on and have vigorously chased New Jersey’s 2021 Trey Patterson – at a legit 6’8 with phenomenal length and wingspan, Patterson is one of the most gifted and talented players in the country.