Friday, October 7, 2016

Reclassification Maximization & Its Impact on College Scholarships

We have had several hundred parents and players contact since the presentation of our rankings; posing question(s) of their long term value and the relevance thereof as it pertains to high school and beyond. Any parents or player who has committed and dedicated themselves to obtaining a college scholarship through basketball at the middle level; it’s imperative that forethought be given to any and all decisions as they can in some cases directly affect the future success of the player.

First and foremost a lot of things can change during the span of middle and high school; a plethora of changes can also occur in prospects recruitment – no longer is it forgone conclusion as to when a player will finish high school and start college. Gone are the days where prep schools where the only option; though still used, they are part of a much larger machine knowledgeable and canny families are using to secure the athletic and academic futures of their children and to allow them to achieve a free education.