Thursday, September 1, 2016

Whitt Wow's Improves Stock on One Leg Over Amazing Two Day Stretch

Few Middle Schoolers enter their eight grade season with the type of hype that  Carter Whitt is this this year, but Carter Whitt isn’t just any Middle School guard. Not only is Whitt one the most talented NATURAL PGs we have seen in some time with innate ability to see plays progress two-to-three steps ahead of time; he is a shooting scorer who can operate in the mid-range as well and beyond the arch.  He does all this with a fundamental flair that makes you enjoy his every play, he makes the mundane exciting.  A fellow scout stated “I can watch Whitt play all day and never get tired of watching.

The lead guard spent the last 18-months proving continuously that he is one of the best players not just guards on the 2021; there is no guard that does what he does and certainly not in the fashion that he does it.   Last weekend he lead his team victory in the Middle School All-American shooting 7-14 from the field and dropping dimes and hockey assist all over the floor.  He is such a good passer that he often surprises teammates with the fact that he can even get the ball to them in certain situations; teammates must always be ready with a PG like Whitt running the show.

Blessed with fantastic court vision and he is more quick than straight line fast, Carter is able to create scoring opportunities for both himself and his teammates. He is also sneaky athletic and can get to the rim in an instant. But without question his basketball IQ is his biggest asset, he’s a student of the game and when he’s on the floor, he plays with the poise of a much more seasoned player.

Despite only being in 8th grade, colleges have already noticed his talent and have him on their radar; while Whitt has a long way to go in this process the focus remains on sharpening his skills and becoming the best player he can be.  What is even more amazing is that all Whitt did this weekend was on a bad knee that didn’t allow him to return on Sunday after a steller MSAAG and a great first day at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp where he would have been a sure fire All-Star.

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