Thursday, September 8, 2016

They Fear what They Don't Understand, Hate what They Can't Conquer

Jaden Bradley is one of few highly touted players that every time they show up not only live up to their advanced billing, but exceed it. With his versatility and magical ball handling skills, in addition to the rare and very special only seen in a few players - trait of being able to put a team on his shoulders and take it to great heights. Bradley is destined to become a star many levels up.  So many times over the weekend we watched Bradley like clockwork make the right play, the big play, or the winning play. 

He has no need or desire to dominate the ball as long as he dominates the game and he, on both ends, has the ability to impact a game on every single possession.  His player efficiency and +/- when on the floor rates as one of the highest we have tracked at the middle school level.  No one single player in the class of 2022 impacts the game the way Bradley does.

Bradley has often been referred to as “Lil Penny" because of his size and exceptional ability to handle and pass the ball like the former Orlando Magic superstar. He is also an exceptional shooter and dare we say an even better clutch shooter – he also is a 90% shooter from the charity stripe as well. 

We very much like the comparison to Hardaway, but at 6’7 it may be a reach long-term; a more realistic size projection comparison for Bradley is found running the show for the Clippers - we can imagine Bradley as a Chris Paul type lead guard who we believe will ultimately possess more athleticism than the NBA All-Star and Olympian.  

Bradley showed so much over the 3-day weekend that he left no doubt in anyone's mind as to his position in the class hierarchy; and every single service was on board as well as many of the former professional players who worked the event – the consensus? Bradley is clearly the most complete player in the country bar none and he has the potential to be that at three different positions that’s how skilled and versatile he is. 

He may be a little on the small side weight wise for the wing right now, but as he physically matures; he could dominate at that spot as well – but as PG he is everything you could want, need, or ask for and that includes being a great rebounder for his size.   

If you are starting a team right now today Bradley is the #1 pick. He has never disappointed and will only continue to get better.  The country is on notice...we have seen Bradley as well as the other top candidates multiple times and Bradley cannot be conquered.  This fact must be understood and respected.

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