Monday, September 26, 2016

The 20 best NBA prospects in or just leaving middle school basketball

Contrary to popular belief the world’s best basketball players don’t simple magically appear.  Well in advance of players becoming nationally known names and one-and-done lottery pick in the NBA – they each have been scouted, evaluated and analyzed for years in comparison to the other top players in their respective class.  

In most cases only the most dedicated youth basketball fans follow the recruitment and class rankings at this level; with elite level scouting this is the typically the first insight into who will be the NBA’s next talent.  

It is extremely important that everyone remember that all highly touted players do not follow the same or traditional path to the league.  Yet, in most cases scouting services such as ESPN, Rivals, Scouts, 247Sports, NBA Draft Net and other do a phenomenal job in the identification of the top of the best talent in the respective class.

Looking back at the recent NBA draft classes you will find the large majority of American players taken were considered 5-star prospects and were ranked highly in their respective recruiting class rankings.

Please let’s all stop calling it AAU; and refer to its true moniker; “Grassroots” basketball - with the class ranking recently completed it’s a good time to take stock of the best long-term prospects just leaving and/or currently playing Middle School basketball.  There is a good chance with good health, continue work, and growth – these will be some of the players in the upcoming NBA Drafts.

1 Isaiah Todd  6'11  F Richmond, VA
2 Greg Brown III 6'8 F Austin, TX
3 Trey Patterson 6'8 F Somerset, New Jersey 
4 Emoni Bates 6'5 G Ypsilantie, Michigan
5 Kyree Walker 6'5 G Oakland, CA
6 Jaden Springer 6'4 G Charlotte, NC
7 Elijah Fisher 6'3 G Toronto, CN
8 Che Evans  6'6 F Baltimore, MD
9 Jabri Abdur-Rahim 6'7 F Granite Bay, CA
10 Terrance Clarke 6'6 G Boston, Massachusetts
11 Hunter Dickinson 7'0 C Alexandria, VA
12 Dudley Blackwell 6'3 G  Miami, FL
13 Chuks Lucky Isitua 7'0 C Houston, YX
14 Zion Harmon 5'10 PG Washington, DC 
15 Jaden Bradley 6'2 PG Charlotte, NC
16 Jaemyn Brakefield  6'8 F Jackson, MS
17 Johnny Juzang 6'7 G Tarzana, CA
18 Lance Ware  6'8 F Burlington, NJ
19 Caleb Furst 6'8 C Fort Wayne, IN
20 Kamari Lands 6'4 G Indianapolis, Indiana 

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