Thursday, September 8, 2016

Antonio Sellers Still Has "It" ~ Truth is He Never Lost "It"

You are hearing about a lot of new names, talented players, and those entering the conversation as top national prospects – but not so fast my friends; we cannot in the excitement forget the veteran who has been carrying the mantel and title for years.

New York’s Antonio Sellers is, has been, and proved over the MSAAG/Spotlight weekend that he will remain in that conversation.  He put an exclamation point on it when he went off for two 25+-point games versus two of the biggest names in the game; leaving no doubt about  his place and who he is in the class of 2022.  

Seller with a combination of power and skill, shows great court presence, when you walk into the gym to evaluate him it's easy to pick him out in the warm-up line. This physical and aggressive scorer is sneaky athletic – but even more so he is crafty and smart; one of the youngest kids in this age group he is still developing the “Im gonna dunk on you tools”.

Sellers can play several positions -- he showed he could post up undersized centers and score over them. In transition, he sprints the lane looking to get all the way to the rim. If the defense is set, he can stop and pop from 3 or penetrate to draw the defense and kick out. In the half court, Sellers can shoot the deep 3 off the catch with ease. He has great looking shooting form, a high release, and good follow-through. He uses the shot fake and the foot fake to get the defense out of position in order to start his attack off the dribble.

He has a strong, low handle and uses his big body to protect the ball. He likes to go between the legs into a right to left crossover, as well. We also like the midrange game we saw, and how he knocked down a 3, drew the defense and kicked or got all the way to the rim where he does a great job of scoring through contact and getting to the free throw line. A strong post game is also part of his scoring package. He can be a nightmare for smaller perimeter players in the paint. 

On the left low box, he likes the quick turn shot. On the right low box, he comes to the middle of the lane and again shoots over the defense at point-blank range for two points or the old-fashioned 3-point play. Sellers is also good in the screen and roll, and he seems to understand that the screener will be open because he opens to the ball after he screens. He is a good defensive rebounder and is a threat to go coast to coast. Sellers is a physical on the ball defender, use his strong body and arm length distance to keep the ball-handler in front of him, and he can recover from a defensive mistake with length and understanding of angles. 

All the new toys are nice but old reliable Antonio Sellers is still getting the job done on the highest level.

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