Friday, September 2, 2016

2024 Anthony Saunders Proves He's Prolific Performer on Both Ends

Anthony Saunders is one of the most prolific scorers in the country in his class but he showed at the highest level that he plays both sides of the ball taking home the Defensive Player of the Camp in his age group.  An award won competing against a potent group of offensive player in the camp.

Offensively his jump shot is feathery and he has range to the stripe. When his feet are set and he's in rhythm his shot is potent. He is comfortable shooting in transition, especially off a two-dribble pull-up. In addition, his ball skills often put defenders on skates and he is a problem in space with the ability to finish. 

He has PG vision and is extremely unselfish with his shot selection, always looking to make the right play but Saunders is a born scorer and game changer on that end of the court along with his defense where he utilizes his length well.  He moves into his jump shot is smoothly; especially when his feet are set and he can explode in transition-has had a number of high-level finishes that will surprise you for a player so young.

A true appreciation for Anthony’s game as 2024 player (5th Grade) can be had by checking out his latest mix-tape has obtained it and it can be seen below! 

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