Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Baby Paul Pierce" Aden Holloway Calls Game at MSAAG & Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp

Every year, a number of prospects use the Middle School All-American game and the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom camp to break out and prove that they are high major prospects while others use it to separate themselves from the pack with the top players from coast to coast in the gym. One of the biggest stock risers this past weekend Aden Holloway has gone from known, to one of the major talents in 2023.

Always a player he came in confident; with a Paul Pierce like skill set Holloway owned the mid-range, produced on the block, finished well in transition, and knocked down the 3-ball showing exceptional efficiency stepping into the shot but also after rocking the defender to sleep of the deck.

Aden flourished in the open style, not the biggest or fastest, but always more than enough to get the job done.  Holloway left no doubt for the scouts in attendance as he put up multiple 20-point games while stuffing the stat sheet in a multitude of areas.

The beauty in what we saw this weekend from Aden’s overall intangibles and skill set could easily translate to a high school. He has good size and has elite ball-handling skills that allow him to make plenty of plays for himself and his teammates. He has a solid jumper and is a tough on-ball defender.

His biggest improvement he will need to make heading forward is just improving his explosion and athleticism; but Baby Pierce just like the NBA veteran has already mastered getting the job done his way with the tools already in his box ~ there is no doubt Aden is one of the best natural scorers in 2023 already and is on the cusp of being in the discussion for one of the best in America.  Bright future for another North Carolina product who proved it on the court not the highlight tape.

Guilty on all Charges - Dee Morton Charged with Assault and Battery on the Class of 2022 National Rankings

A lot can change in a year; new players arrive, they grow, become more athletic/smarter, work on their game and become better shooters, scorers, and defenders. In the case of Dee Morton all of the above are true. After looking strong on the circuit Morton solidified his position on the national ranking board after a sensational weekend playing in both the Middle School All-American game and the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, where he displayed an exception IQ, scored at a high percentage always making the right play never forcing the action and even with his scoring prowess on display he maintain a point guard-type feel to his game reminding us of a young Andre Miller.

It’s easy to refer to Morton as Mr. Intangible as he contributes in every statistical category; as well as things that do not show up on the stat sheet.  He is easily one of the most high school game ready, mature players on the circuit and his efficiency is off the charts.  “It’s rare you see such a high-level talent at this age play so unselfishly and still be so effective and consistent; it’s a gift” say National Scout Bill Francis.

What Morton is, is a winner in every sense of the word and one that will undoubtedly debut as Top 10 player in the country with real consideration of cracking the national Top 5.  Everyone in the building love not just the player but the person Morton was, and the entire gym was buzzing about his exploits all weekend long.  The country is being introduced to a true gem in meeting Dee Morton; they don’t make players like him every day.

Morton has great physical strength for a young guard competes and really does a great job using his length and anticipation on the defensive end to come up with steals. Slashes and finishes at the rim with great touch and body control. Hits the open three showing solid mechanics and a quick release - but inside the arc he can score in a variety of ways with his mid-range game also. He is constantly in attack mode. He loves to aggressively attack the rim from the wing and go over or through his opponent to score. Morton plays both end and is a tough defender also that uses his strong body to keep his opponent out of the lane. He is also solid at playing the passing lanes and gleaning steals that lead to his transition game.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Some Run, Some Make Runways

The players arriving in Washington, DC treated the capacity crowd to four competitive games with each game coming down to the final minutes.  This was followed by an intensely competitive Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp that answered any questions that weren’t answered on Friday night.

Stars were born, reputations made and solidified and the hierarchy of MS Basketball nationally was decided in the final event of the summer.  Meet the MVPs of Friday’s event who hit the ground running heading into the weekend.

Team Lebron James 84 vs Team Magic Johnson 77

Team Lebron MVP 

Elijah Fisher - Canada

22-points, 10-15FGs/8-rebounds/2-assist/3-blocks/2-steals

Team Magic MVP

Franklin Ayissi-Etoh – Maryland 

15-points, 7-8FGs/11-rebounds/2-asssist/2-steals/1-block/ 1-1 3-pointers

Team Isaiah Thomas 89 vs Team Derrick Rose 83

Team Isaiah Co-MVPs

Dee Morton – Georgia 

14-points, 5-8FGs/4-rebounds/5-asssist/1-steals/ 3-5  3-pointers

Derrick Key – Washington, DC

16-points, 8-10 FGs/7-rebounds /1-block

Team Rose MVPs

Carlos Alexander – Maryland 

12-points, 4-9FGs/2-rebounds/1-asssist/4-steals/ 1-3  3-pointers

Jarace Walker – Pennsylvania

13-points, 6-9FGs/3-rebounds/2-asssist/2-steals/2-block/ 1-2  3-pointers

Team Kobe Bryant 77 vs Team Michael Jordan 73

Team Kobe MVP

Noah Pebbles - Ohio

13-points, 6-12FGs/6-rebounds/1-asssist/2-steals/1-block

Team Jordan MVP

Ryan Conway – Maryland 

29-points, 11-15FGs/10-rebounds/4-asssist/2-steals/1-block/ 2-4  3-pointers

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016 Middle School All-American Game Rosters - CLASS OF 2021*


TEAM KOBE BRYANT - McDonald's All-American - 1996

Center  Donnel Harris, 6'8 Florida
Forward  Duncan Powell, 6'7 Texas 
Forward  Quron Zene Jr., 6'5 Connecticut 
Guard Ryan Conway, 6'1 Maryland 
Guard Carter Whitt,  6'0 North Carolina 
Center  Detwan Montegu, 6'8 Maryland 
Forward Marcus Dye, 6'3 New York
Wing Wesley Petterson, 6'2 Washington, DC
Guard Jaylen Brown, 5'10 New Jersey
Guard Keon Henderson 5'9 Michigan 
Guard Rasheed Dupree, 5'7 Washington, DC
Combo Luke Murphy, 5'10 Connecticut 
*Injured  *Meechi Johnson, 5'10 *Ohio 
*Injured  *Malcolm Dread, 6'2 *Washington, DC
*Alternate *Christian Moore, 6'1 *Virginia 


Matt Lochte Delaney High School

Coach Ralph Flowers  Concord High School

Coach Chuck Drisell Maret High School 

TEAM MICHAEL JORDAN - McDonald's All-American -1981

Center  Nick Thomas, 6'9 New York 
Forward Caleb Furst, 6'8 Indiana
Forward Jack McFadden, 6'3 New York 
Guard Juan Reyna, 6'1 Texas
Guard Shane Dezonie, 6'1 New Jersey 
Forward Jake Koverman, 6'5 Maryland 
Forward Noah Pebbles, 6'2 Ohio
Wing  Matthew Nelsons, 6'4 Canada
Guard Ahmad Harrision, 6'1 Maryland 
Guard Brayon Freeman, 5'10 Washington, DC
Guard Khalil Brantley, 5'7 Georgia 
Combo Jalen Bradberry, 5'11 New York 
*Injured  *Trey Patterson, 6'9 *New Jersey 
*Injured  *Demitrius Strangolis, 6'4  *California 
*Alternate *Freddy Amaro, 6'3 *Texas


Chris Cole  Clinton Christian School

Nick Jones Spalding High School

"Junior" Burroughs Norfolk Collegiate

2016 Middle School All-American Game Rosters - CLASS OF 2022*


TEAM ISAIAH THOMAS - McDonald's All-American - 1979

Forward Dee Morton Georgia 
Forward  Chris Livingston Ohio
Guard  Justice Williams  Pennsylvania
Guard Emoni Bates  Michigan 
Guard Skyy Clark California 
Center  Quinn Clark Virginia 
Forward Antonio Hamlin  Maryland 
Guard Johnathan "J.J." Starlings New York 
Guard Sammy Scott Maryland 
Guard  Sonny Johnson  Ohio 
Combo Kamal Francis  Maryland 
Combo Carlos Alexander  Maryland 



"Junior" Burroughs Norfolk Collegiate

Chris Cole  Clinton Christian School

Nick Jones Spalding High School

TEAM DERRICK ROSE - McDonald's All-American -2007

Forward Jarace Walker Pennsylvania
Forward Antonio Sellers New York
Guard Bryce Griggs Texas 
Guard Jaden Bradley  North Carolina 
Guard Trey Thomas Washington, DC
Center  Andrew Ruebottom Maryland 
Forward Jayden Pierre New Jersey 
Guard Ashton Henderson  Michigan 
Guard Tyler Hawkins New York 
Guard Jaden Johnson  Maryland 
Combo Evan Young  Utah 
Combo "Cisco" Mattie New York 



Coach Chuck Drisell Maret High School 

Coach Matt Lochte Delaney High School

Coach Ralph Flowers  Concord High School