Friday, July 22, 2016

Huge Media Contingent Schedule for End of August Events in Washington, DC

As has been the case in past years, a large contingent of national/regional media and scouts are expected to attend the Middle School All-American Game, Coach Francis Classic, and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp. 
National media/scouts already confirmed for the August 2016 event are listed below and more are expected!!!! 

The Middle School Leader in Hoops TV; annually produces the most watched video highlight and mix tapes in the world.  With its own channel and camp its every kids dream to be on Middle School Hoops TV.


Basketball Spotlight has decades of experience identifying the top players in their classes and chronicling them on their rises to the next level; the Spotlight feature multiple NBA players and even more high major college players well before they ever stepped into high school.

The Buckeye Prep Report is a Midwest based Media Company that touches all ends of the country.  With a storied history of events and coverage at the highest level of basketball; there are national beacon that has and continues to shine lights on the best and brightest in the game of hoops naming them well before ESPN, RIVALS, SCOUTS.COM, Etc.  

Court Cred is a big boy in the industry providing some of the best video highlights in the country; they provide industry news all the way to the college level.  With their extensive knowledge they are a producer of HS Rankings making it an invaluable opportunity for the top MS Players to play in front of.



If you are familiar with Middle School Hoops then you know City League Hoops the high school, college, and pro side of one of the biggest basketball medial animals in the country; with players getting close to the next level they will be there collecting data to introduce the next coming on the high school side.

One of the most recognizable brands in the history of youth basketball and beyond; JLE reach begins at the youth level and travels all the way to the NBA; you are not certified until you have been through Lucas and they will have one of their top scouts in attendance looking to provide that opportunity to deserving players. brings the national news to the front door of youth basketball fans across the country.  With a 70% success rate on the High School side with respect to rankings and a long verifiable track record – you want to be seen and endorsed by this brand to ensure future success.
With some of the hottest beats and tracks Hoop Nation has taken the northeast by storm with it hard-hitting and powerful mixtapes that are sweeping the country;  with a gift for showing the true essence of the players skillset Hoop Nations cameras are one that you want on you on the court.

Finest Magazine is an online magazine created to become the permanent platform for any hoops played in the DMV (DC, MD & VA) celebrates DMV hoops, past, present and future. In the DMV, basketball has a proud history, inspiring presence and dominant future and to be listed on the pages or video produced by this outfit you are on the way to making a name in basketball.

DMV Elite promotes Youth, AAU, YBOA, Travel Teams, Middle School and High School team exposure events. They offer certified officials, best game facilities, media coverage, athlete and coaches interviews, player evaluations and recruitment services. They work extremely hard to keep their clients, college coaches and the general public informed on both young men and women amateur basketball.

DMV Preps covers all levels of youth basketball in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with the goal of providing maximum exposure to players and teams.  Their event coverage and event management is designed with the sole purpose of being a viable high level resource for both High School and College recruiters. DMV Preps does all it can to see your child competing at the next level!

Unlimited Basketball is a Youth Basketball conglomerate committed to youth athletes.  They use their website and social media outlets to nurture, inspire, support and feature youth athletes on their road to success.  Their primary aim is for young basketball players to have access to tools, events and the inside scoop regardless of their family’s cultural, social or financial profile.  Unlimited Basketball is led by the belief; team sports are valuable to the development of a child.

All-Met Elite gets it done with a long tenured and storied history; providing in depth interviews, player profiles, and industry news at all level of basketball.  Its rich history has allowed them to establish relationships at every level of basketball and in turn they are a valued and relied upon voice in the world of basketball.
Legit Stats provides digital in-game statistics for a wide variety for teams, tournaments, and events. Based in the Washington D.C. metro area, they use their expertise and enthusiasm to deliver the best service possible and in turn they use their platform to present an unbiased presentation of statistical date that shows a players true impact on the game.


NBA, College, High School, and MS Hoops – the 6ixth Man does it all on one large platform.  With national news coverage and features being part of the 6ixth Man media can turn you into a household name overnight.  If playing in front of the right people is important than these are one of the guys to add to that list.

HWBD Man! Keeps the party rolling at all times, his videos are so hot that they have been featured on Bleacher Report, Ballislife, Slam Magazine, USA Today, and more – if you want to put your performance on the national stage put on in front of HWBD and he will tell your story to the world.
Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp - if you are ready to Battle against the Best in the country click below to register!

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