Sunday, June 5, 2016

UA Next Combine Series - Fires Crucial Shot in Sneaker War (Part III: Combo Guards) - MIDWEST

Jack Townsend (6’1, G, IN) when it comes to shooting the basketball, Townsend showed that he is one of the best in the nation. The 3-point sniper with deceptive quickness is also a solid all-around player. His jump shot is a thing of beauty and will ultimately land him on the college level without question. He is an exceptional shooter off the catch--coming off a pin-down screen or stopping on a dime for the pull-up jump shot. He gets great lift on his shot and he can get off his shot under duress. He can create off the dribble to get his shot off (2-dribble pull-up or step-back) and he knows how to square up for his shot.  He is unafraid to let it go in transition. His ball skills are solid in the open court, he has the ability to finish in transition, and he's a capable passer. His head is always has his head up and his court awareness is on a high-level.

Jeremy Baker (6’1, G, IN) is a true scoring guard with a terrific offensive feel and knack for putting the rock in the hole. He gets to the rim on the break and on straight line drives in the half court set where he is a crafty finisher. Baker is clearly developing  a smooth mid-range pull up game. He also can knock down the three off the catch but has the IQ not to fall in love with it.  Baker is an excellent play maker who keeps constant pressure on the defense and proves over and over that can score in a variety of ways, either off screen role, post-ups, or clear out isolation where he is a certified problem.

Hunter Jackson (5’11, G, IN) is a shooting guard that is an excellent scorer and can also help at the point because of his extremely high basketball IQ, passing, play making and feel for the game – Jackson is one of the most experienced and seasoned players you will find on the circuit. Hunter excels on the break and gets to the rim in the half court from a variety of areas, his motor and effort are relentless and non-stop, and there isn’t a player who gives more or plays harder than Jackson. He can also knock down the spot up three in transition or on the side of dribble penetration – the elbow pull-up off one or two dribbles is his bread and butter.  Hunter also is a good rebounder for a guard and capable of defending both guard positions as well and is arguably the best on ball defender in the class.

C.J. Anthony (5’10, G, OH) is a strong shooting guard prospect that has a great frame and he can finish with athleticism and unique finishes in transition. He works well out of the triple threat and is productive off the dribble while showing he can finish through contact. In addition,  he showed the ability to knock in the mid-range jump shot. He has a strong pull-up off the dribble at the elbow and his 3-point shot (on balance) proved to be a consistent staple in his game.

Kevin Rice (6’3, G, MI) the nephew of former NBA and Michigan star Glen Rice; is a combo guard who has solid length (long arms) and a good amount of quickness and speed. He can put points up in a hurry due to his knack to score and jump shooting ability. He has a smooth shooting touch that extends out to the stripe and his release is quick and impeccable. He can create offense off the dribble (pick-and-rolls) and his vision is pretty solid. His head is up most of the time while navigating through pressure and he tries to make the right basketball play. Defensively, he plays the passing lanes well and has good instincts reading offenses.

Dallas Green (6’4, G, MI) is a rangy wing-type with long arms and deceptive athleticism that has the physical tools to be a high-major player. He has the ability to score from all three levels. He can knock in the 3-point shot or pull-up for the mid-range floater. In addition, he can slash his way off the dribble for the nifty finish. His ball skills are quite good for his size and he shows the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. His burst is solid and he has the length (long arms) to finish over the bigs. Defensively, due to his length and savvy, he could be a lock down defender going forward.

Tony Perkins (6’1, G, IN) is equally talented with his handle as with his jumper and can both shake his defender as well as utilize the threat of his jumper to set up his driving game. He's a threat to make a play off both ball-screens and down-screens, has an ability to navigate tight spaces off the dribble and make solid passes off the dribble. He has a good floater game inside the lane and also an outstanding left hand.

Vontray Nickerson (6’0, G, MI) is capable of making some high level plays off the bounce and has a dependable pull-up game that he can get to any time he wants because of his size and a little natural fade in his stroke. He's also shown flashes of being able to develop into a consistent three-point threat and good defender.

Ethan Morton (6’4, G, PA) showed that he is a jack-of-all-trades player who has been well coached and is capable of impacting the game in a number of different ways without necessary having to have the ball in his hands. He plays very hard, embraces the value of the defensive end, has enough size to play either wing position, is a master of loose balls and willing to play a supportive role on the offensive end of the floor. Overall, he brings a wealth of intangibles, a high level defender who can match up with the opposing team's best perimeter scorer on a nightly basis and a guy who knows how to play in offensive structure.

Jack Kahoun (6’2, G, IL) is a combo-guard with good size and excellent ball skills. He can play both guard positions due to his IQ for the game. He changes speeds very well while attacking the defense and his head is always up. He moves well without the ball and he always appears to make the right basketball play. He knows how to feed the post and cut (motion style offense). His jump shot is effective out to the stripe and his shot has good lift, solid mechanics, and is the same each time it leaves his hand. 

Jared McCorkle (6’0, G, OH) is not yet a finished product as he's got to get much stronger, refine his shooting technique and buy into the defensive end of the floor, but those are all things that are likely to happen at the next level and once they do, his size and length on the perimeter, smoothness with the ball in his hands and playmaking instincts are going to become all the more dangerous.  You can see that he is oozing with potential and is the type of player whose long term ceiling will have coaches salivating.

Montorie Foster (5’11, G, OH) finished 2nd in scoring during the combine, his play making talents and his scoring abilities make him a dual threat and he competes on a high level on both ends and each possession. A dangerous player in ball screens because of his attack mode style pace along with the ability to shoot it from deep or find the open man - Another major plus is that Foster has some versatility where he can run the show or slide over and play the shooting guard spot if needed. He doesn't always need the ball in his hands to be effective as he showed he can go get it off the glass, get to line, or find buckets in transition all of the above are the definition of a pure scorer which he proved he was all weekend long.

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