Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trey Patterson Drops the Mic - Rumored to be Heading to Montverde Academy for High School

Trey Patterson now stands 6’9; he operates inside and out with impunity – “dominating”,” multi-dimensional”, “pro-potential” are just some of the words that are being attached to what consider to be the forgone future #1 player in the class of 2021.

He not just ‘dunking a basketball’ he is dunking on, over, and through players; his upside and ceiling still remain high as he begins to realize his star qualities and potential. Patterson is oozing potential at the wing position, but at his size and the strength and weight he is beginning to develop he will undoubtedly be able to play a stretch-4 as well. No matter what position you want to list him as - he runs like a deer, handles the ball like a guard, and is quickly developing catapult-like explosiveness. He has a quick 1st step and is a long strider who has a nice floater to go with his three level knockdowns shooting. He rebounds well in his area and can lead the break due to his nifty handle and astute court vision. He handed out a number of high-level passes and he can knock down the 3-point shot with distance making him one of the toughest match-ups you will find due to his skill set.

But this article isn’t about the greatness of Patterson; anyone following the sport knows the name, the game, and his likely end destination at the professional level. In this sport there are players and then there are players.  The same can be said about school and institutions – there are many great, phenomenal, extraordinary schools that have produce immensely talented players throughout the United States.  Many also boast exemplary academic records producing the complete products, the ultimate weapons, high level student-athletes.    

In the world of basketball there are schools that consistently recruit, develop, and produce the best in the game – the last two years producing the one of the top two picks in the NBA Draft (assuming in less than 24-hours Ben Simmons is in fact drafted within the first two picks in 2016) Montverde Academy is arguably the best basketball school in the country.  In 2014/15 Montverde brought in as a freshman top 3 and current 2018 #13 player in the country 6’10 EJ Montgomery (rated #2 by prior to HS), in 2015/16 they brought in current 2019 #1 player in country 6’7 Rowan Barrett (rated #1 by prior to HS).  

Well it has been rumored via reliable sources that his trend will continue with respect to Montverde Academy,, and the country’s top prospect in the class of 2021. Reports have Patterson accepting an offer to Montverde Academy which is in Montverde, Florida and his family relocating to support his personal growth and basketball development.  A fixture in the New Jersey area since coming onto the scene with Team Nation 4-years ago this would represent a huge potential loss to the many high quality programs in that area; where he undoubtedly would have been a highly sought after 8th grader.  

If rumors prove true the genius of Kevin Boyle who spent many years in the New Jersey and is a personal friend of the Patterson well before the youngest stepped foot onto a basketball court – to lock up the star prospect before anyone else left the starting line would only speak to why he has and continues to be the leader of the best of the best.  

If not for reliability of the source, there would not have been any consideration of posting such information but news comes with great credibility. Such that before the Patterson’s pack up and move to the Sunshine state they will have to listen to a litany of offers not just in New Jersey but from all across the country.

The player, the person, the family are special, humble, and rooted in the game for the right reasons and their son plays the game the right way.  They are all good people in the truest since of the word and if these rumors are in fact true no one is more deserving of an opportunity such as this than them. Regardless of their final destination high school or otherwise the expectation is that Patterson will be tremendously successful.  

24 to 36 months from now some pundit undoubtedly will take credit for discovering Patterson as one of the top high school players in the country, they will tell you about his skill set, his person, his frame and athleticism and no one will remember the guy who said in 2014 as 6th grader that Trey Patterson would be one of the best in the game in the country.  Those guys certainly can’t tell that early, those rankings – so what they are 70% correct don’t mean anything at that age, and Patterson it must have just been a lucky guess.  Well before it’s asked and answered, Trey Patterson was never a guess we knew and now the rest of the world knows right along with the best program in the country.


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