Monday, June 27, 2016

Canada Elites Cashius McNeilly Big Talent with Even Bigger Upside

Cashius McNeilly 2020 point guard out of Canada has been putting in some serious work in the past year.  Boasting some very explosive athleticism we are looking at on the high school side a Trevon Duval or a Dennis Smith building to the ultimate prototype a Russell Westbrook or a Derrick Rose, but thats way too much pressure to expect that level of stardom just yet. Rather McNeilly as he has done for the past year as he begins his ascension up the national ranking he  will rely on the continued progression of his game, specifically as it relates to his understanding of the nuances of the point guard position, his overall efficiency and ability to raise the level of those around him.  The shooting stoke is looking good and he has consistently shot a solid percentage;  the video below displays  the next level athleticism, but McNeilly is much more than just an athlete he is a true basketball player in every sense of the word and one that you’ll be hearing a lot from in the future.

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