Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Isaiah Todd: Consensus Top-5 Basketball Prospect from the Class of 2020 Collects another Offer

The next potential superstar and potential #1 player in the country in the class 2020 Isaiah Todd has picked up another high major offer this time form the Penn State Nitty Lions of the Big 10. Todd is a 6'10" multi-dimensional wing who can guard all five position, fluid in his strides and ball-handling, leaving you with the sincere thought he one day will be a bonafide two-guard. 

Isaiah Todd to date has received hard offers from Baylor, Wake Forest, Central Florida, Hampton University, James Madison, and most recently this past weekend from the aforementioned Nitty Lion of the Big 10 after attendance at their camp along with a group of other top Team Loaded program mates.

"He's arguably the top prospect in the class of 2020 and pound for pound one of the best in all of middle school right now," says Coach Francis national middle school hoop guru “His upside and ceiling is one of the highest I’ve seen, and he's extremely talented already. Only a few players come along that have the combination of size, skill, and athleticism combination that he has." 

The catch to all this is that Todd has just finished his 8th grade year of middle school – he will attending John Marshall in the fall and all assumptions are that he will be making and immediate impact. 

P2Bball.com spoke to a high major college coach regarding Todd and they stated “he is ahead of a lot of current pro players at the same stage he will have a lot of choices when it’s all said and done”.

There is often a fear when a talent such as this appears on the scene that pressure, the hanger-on’s, combined with the hype can ruin a kid – but meet Isaiah Todd one time and you will understand his humble God-fearing nature, his genuine personality, and his youthful innocence are foundational pieces that will carry this player just as far off court as on it.  You meet Todd and walk away feeling that this is one of those that will be just fine.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Canada Elites Cashius McNeilly Big Talent with Even Bigger Upside

Cashius McNeilly 2020 point guard out of Canada has been putting in some serious work in the past year.  Boasting some very explosive athleticism we are looking at on the high school side a Trevon Duval or a Dennis Smith building to the ultimate prototype a Russell Westbrook or a Derrick Rose, but thats way too much pressure to expect that level of stardom just yet. Rather McNeilly as he has done for the past year as he begins his ascension up the national ranking he  will rely on the continued progression of his game, specifically as it relates to his understanding of the nuances of the point guard position, his overall efficiency and ability to raise the level of those around him.  The shooting stoke is looking good and he has consistently shot a solid percentage;  the video below displays  the next level athleticism, but McNeilly is much more than just an athlete he is a true basketball player in every sense of the word and one that you’ll be hearing a lot from in the future.

In the Lab with the John Lucas Future of Game (East) Camp Seeing Future Talent Today

The John Lucas Future of the Game (EAST) was held June 25th and 26th at the Boo Williams Sports Complex in Hampton, VA. Hosted by the Legendary John Lucas; who throughout the weekend consistently drove home the importance of playing the right way, training the right way, the value of spacing and court awareness. Noting that all of the aforementioned should be attacked with a hunger, thirst, and desire unknown to mankind.

With his team of high level trainers and coaches John Lucas demanded consistent effort and energy; spoke positively of the player’s unselfishness in Saturday’s game session and advised them to come back ready on Sunday for more of the same. After a prayer session Sunday his team put the talented group again through its paces and back into game action.

In what was one of the most personal, honest, and sincere efforts to communicate the tangible elements of the game of basketball we have seen in a camp setting. John Lucas left a piece of himself and his vast and many years of knowledge with kids, players, and on lookers alike.
From Left to Right: J. Starling, J. Bradley, R.Hardy

With a number of talented players in the gym; a few immediately jump to mind when you speak of standout performers. Jaden Bradley (NC-2022) had his way all weekend long dominating in drills while putting up big numbers during the game portion of the event. He was an equally great teammate sharing the ball and was impactful on the defensive end. Seeing both Johnathan Sterling (NY-2022) and Rolijah Hardy (FL-2023) for the first time we were extremely impressed with their performances. Sterling shot the leather off the ball, finished well around the basket, and showed proved he is a player deserving of being in the national conversation – an pure 2-Guard and a high end scorer. Rolijah was dynamic in his drill and game play showing an advanced IQ and playing with pace well beyond his years he picked his spots and scored while shooting a high percentage – picked his spots and defended every possession.

Kamal Francis (MD)
Caleb Boyd (SC-2022) handle and wiggle impressed; very creative with the rock in his hand, solid mechanics on this shot and great vison with a willingness to pass and he was a Rottweiler on defense playing both ends of the floor. Khari Butler (MD-2022) showed a great motor has good length, blocks a lot of shots and finishes well close to the bucket looks more comfortable closer to the basket but showed the ability to put the rock on the deck and press the paint.  has good length, blocks a lot of shots and finishes well close to the bucket looks more comfortable closer to the basket but showed the ability to put the rock on the deck and press the paint.  A player to watch is Kamal Francis 5’9 WING (MD-2022) who has a chance to star down the road but is raw in areas kid runs the floor well and finishes well in the paint. Francis is not just productive around the cup, but his shot looks good and he defends the perimeter very well.  Not only did Francis create a buzz in the gym with aggressive play in drills; he created an interesting player to watch develop.  


Jerry Easter (OH)
If you are talking about future star potential you must bring up a pair of 2024 talents Jerry Easter Jr. (OH) and Jaden Colzie (NJ) Easter is a natural floor general from Toledo – possessing a next level handle, feel, and court presence he is fearless in his play and poised in his approach add to that he can score from 3 levels and you have the making of a player that must be tracked due to his already high ceiling.  Colzie is player that looks to make things happen and can score or set up a teammate with equal effectiveness.  Darryl Simmons II has a lot of tricks in his bag and has a style borne in the mid-atlantic region he likes the ball in his hands is confident in ability and is definition of a lead guard who can score it as well. A smaller point man that already possesses the skills and IQ required of an elite PG. The future looks bright for this young guy.  

 Brandon Nelson Jr.(NC-2022) was one of the players that many were saying to take a look at and we saw while a natural shooter/scorer with a great stroke; able to space the floor a with his shooting he wasn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor and attack the basket.  Was adept at drawing contract getting to the line and converting for points.   Tyler Csintyan (MI-2022) looks like he is a player that will continue to stretch out and his size and ball skill allows him to play multiple positions his defensive aggression also allow him to guard multiple positions while being a match-up problem on the floor.  Louis Hutchinson (MD-2022) with solid bloodlines is a growth spirt away from making a big impact.  Cameran Oates (NC-2022) was very effective using his body never allowing his defender to relax.  These two player are players you can buy low now who will have excellent returns later.  David Dalancy (FL-2023)  plays the game very erect but once he learns to drop his hips and is more fluid in his floor running the size/skill package for the lefty is a nice foundation from which to build he uses his body well both offensively and defensively and has potential stamped all over him. 

William Otto (NC)
2023’s William Otto (NC) Whit Altmyer (MS) were basketball twins who showed great shot mechanics, moxy, and confidence and shooters/scorers both we aggressive and stuck there nose in making plays with and without the ball at both ends.  They moved well and there potential talent was clear especially as catch and shoot guys.  We would be remiss to not mention Efrain Devilla (NY-2022), #106 not listed on the roster, and Chandler Davis (FL-2023) who showed some great flashes in the times we saw them.   

Special congratulations must also go out to Rolijah Hardy who earned an invitation to the Middle School All-American game based on his camp performance as well as Jaden Bradley, Johnathan Starling, and Kamal Francis who were voted in previously – this will give the John Lucas 5th/6th Futures of the Game Camp 4 participants in the most competitive All-star game in the country schedule for August 26th 2016 in Washington, DC.  Lastly we would like to thank John Lucas and his team for the hospitality professionalism they showed us in our first visit to the Lucas Lab – needless to say we were immensely impressed.

P2BBall FOGE Top 20

1 Jaden Bradley  2022 Concord, NC
2 Johnathan Starling 2022 Syracuse, NY
3 Caleb Byrd 2022 Mauldin, SC
3 Rolijah Hardy 2023 Lakeland, FL
5 Kamal Francis 2022 Upper Marlboro, MD
6 Khari Butler 2022 Potomac, MD
7 Darryl Simmons II 2022 Norwich, CT
8 Brandon Nelson Jr 2022 Charlotte, NC
9 #106

10 Tyler Csintyan 2022 Flint, MI
11 Cameran Oats 2022 Fayerreville, NC
12 Jerry Easter Jr.  2024 Maumee, OH
13 Efrain Davila 2022 Bronx, NY
14 Larison LaMette 2022 Cypress, TX
15 Jaden Colzie 2024 Philadelphia, PA
16 William Otto 2023 Raleigh, NC
17 David Dealancy 2023 Miami Gardens, FL
18 Whit Altmyer 2023 Starkville, MS
19 Louis Hutchinson 2022 Upper Marlboro, MD
20 Chandler Davis 2023 Tampa, FL

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trey Patterson Drops the Mic - Rumored to be Heading to Montverde Academy for High School

Trey Patterson now stands 6’9; he operates inside and out with impunity – “dominating”,” multi-dimensional”, “pro-potential” are just some of the words that are being attached to what consider to be the forgone future #1 player in the class of 2021.

He not just ‘dunking a basketball’ he is dunking on, over, and through players; his upside and ceiling still remain high as he begins to realize his star qualities and potential. Patterson is oozing potential at the wing position, but at his size and the strength and weight he is beginning to develop he will undoubtedly be able to play a stretch-4 as well. No matter what position you want to list him as - he runs like a deer, handles the ball like a guard, and is quickly developing catapult-like explosiveness. He has a quick 1st step and is a long strider who has a nice floater to go with his three level knockdowns shooting. He rebounds well in his area and can lead the break due to his nifty handle and astute court vision. He handed out a number of high-level passes and he can knock down the 3-point shot with distance making him one of the toughest match-ups you will find due to his skill set.

But this article isn’t about the greatness of Patterson; anyone following the sport knows the name, the game, and his likely end destination at the professional level. In this sport there are players and then there are players.  The same can be said about school and institutions – there are many great, phenomenal, extraordinary schools that have produce immensely talented players throughout the United States.  Many also boast exemplary academic records producing the complete products, the ultimate weapons, high level student-athletes.    

In the world of basketball there are schools that consistently recruit, develop, and produce the best in the game – the last two years producing the one of the top two picks in the NBA Draft (assuming in less than 24-hours Ben Simmons is in fact drafted within the first two picks in 2016) Montverde Academy is arguably the best basketball school in the country.  In 2014/15 Montverde brought in as a freshman top 3 and current 2018 #13 player in the country 6’10 EJ Montgomery (rated #2 by P2Bball.com prior to HS), in 2015/16 they brought in current 2019 #1 player in country 6’7 Rowan Barrett (rated #1 by P2Bball.com prior to HS).  

Well it has been rumored via reliable sources that his trend will continue with respect to Montverde Academy, P2Bball.com, and the country’s top prospect in the class of 2021. Reports have Patterson accepting an offer to Montverde Academy which is in Montverde, Florida and his family relocating to support his personal growth and basketball development.  A fixture in the New Jersey area since coming onto the scene with Team Nation 4-years ago this would represent a huge potential loss to the many high quality programs in that area; where he undoubtedly would have been a highly sought after 8th grader.  

If rumors prove true the genius of Kevin Boyle who spent many years in the New Jersey and is a personal friend of the Patterson well before the youngest stepped foot onto a basketball court – to lock up the star prospect before anyone else left the starting line would only speak to why he has and continues to be the leader of the best of the best.  

If not for reliability of the source, there would not have been any consideration of posting such information but news comes with great credibility. Such that before the Patterson’s pack up and move to the Sunshine state they will have to listen to a litany of offers not just in New Jersey but from all across the country.

The player, the person, the family are special, humble, and rooted in the game for the right reasons and their son plays the game the right way.  They are all good people in the truest since of the word and if these rumors are in fact true no one is more deserving of an opportunity such as this than them. Regardless of their final destination high school or otherwise the expectation is that Patterson will be tremendously successful.  

24 to 36 months from now some pundit undoubtedly will take credit for discovering Patterson as one of the top high school players in the country, they will tell you about his skill set, his person, his frame and athleticism and no one will remember the guy who said in 2014 as 6th grader that Trey Patterson would be one of the best in the game in the country.  Those guys certainly can’t tell that early, those rankings – so what they are 70% correct don’t mean anything at that age, and Patterson it must have just been a lucky guess.  Well before it’s asked and answered, Trey Patterson was never a guess we knew and now the rest of the world knows right along with the best program in the country.