Thursday, May 5, 2016

UA Next Combine Series - Fires Crucial Shot in Sneaker War (Part III: Small Forwards) - EAST

Trey Hall (6’8/SF/CT) was in the conversation for the title of nations best player in the class of 2020 – already a Top 5/10 ranked play Hall did absolutely nothing to dispel that notion.  Hall plays the game with a non-stop motor and put constant pressure on any defense when he is on the offensive side of the ball due to his strong and consistent effort. His ability to knock down 3's opens the floor for rest of his game at 6’8 he is simply too much to handle for many. In transition he hits the long-range jumper by either spotting up or trailing on the break, setting a ball screen or working off the bounce with equal confidence. He is a monster in the paint when he gets close to the basket, scoring over either shoulder with the opposite hand, a clear indication of a high level highly skilled player. This young man is a hard worker and his solid middle game is a testament to that work ethic we saw him pull up and knockdown 12-17 footers with consistency.  The continual improvement and use of his weak hand has really enhanced his game. He looked really good going to his left. We also like his strong desire to hit the offensive boards to gain second chance points. He was tremendously impactful on the defensive glass because he's athletic and strong and then willingly sprints the floor in offensive transition or pushes it himself. He has a great work ethic and welcomes competition and frankly there isn’t a category in which he doesn’t contribute on either side of the ball; Hall looked like the most complete player in the gym and didn’t have to dominate in any singular aspect in order to do so – he showed something different yet still high level each time out; this is a player who has a real shot to do some great things at the highest levels of basketball. 

Che Evans (6’6/SF/MD) is an elite level wing player with a complete package of skills. Has great length and uses it to be a solid defender on the ball and a surprising shot blocker from the weak side he led the combine in blocks showing he can impact the game on the defensive end as well. Evans is at his best with the ball in his hands attacking from the wing where he can create baskets for himself or teammates. Evans has a great feel for the game and makes things look easy. High basketball I.Q. Very good passer from the wing position and sometimes moves to the point guard spot in a pinch. His mid-range jumper is automatic to 12 feet and he rarely takes inside the arch. We saw clearly that Evans has a knack for finishing at the rim in traffic due to very good body control. If he was to improve the range on his jumper so he was a legit three point threat it would open the floor up for him even more. His biggest attribute is his versatility. He can play all over the floor and can check anyone from a Point Guard to a Power Forward at this level. A continuous non-stop motor would only complete what is already a very solid player and one of the nation’s top talents. 

C.J. Wilcher (6’4/SF/NJ) was the leading scorer over the weekend at the combine and he did it shooting a high percentage and with great efficiency; additionally Wilcher also finished in the top 5 of every single offensive category including but not limited to Points, FG %, PPG, FGA, & FGM.  This performance solidified Wilchers position as one of the nation’s elite players in the 2020 class nationally. C.J. is a unique talent for his size. Often thought of as a shooter Wilcher is skilled like a guard, can score both inside and out, and has the ability to shoot the ball to three as well. He is a very gifted athlete and he can do things all over the court. He has a good feel for the game as well. C.J. will post up smaller players and take bigger ones out on the perimeter. He can shoot the three and he can post as well with his exceptionally high IQ he not only knows the all the moves but knows precisely when to use them. 

Coleman Stucky (6’6/SF/Canada) slashes his way to the basket with deceptive speed and a sound fundamental attack package. In transition, he sprints the lane then once he receives the ball in a scoring area he has a knack of getting to the paint where he shot quality shots and hits a very high percentage he shot 11 out of  15 for 73% during the combine. What's impressive about his drives is that when he gets in the paint he is completely under control. For someone whose strength lies in fundamental basketball, it’s no surprise that he is such a strong shooter. The young man showed a tremendous willingness to work hard and stay engaged. His ability to score should certainly continue to be a primary weapon but with his excellent size he can also be a very good defensive player. He has the ability to keep the point guards out of the lane as well as lock up shooting guards and small forwards. He does a good job of getting on the defensive boards and starting the fast break himself. Very impressive prospect whose best day seem to still lay in front of him nowhere near his ceiling.

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