Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is Jaden "Lil Penny" Bradley the Nations New Head of Class in 2022?

The #1 Spot In 2022 Won't Be Lost - But Jaden Bradley May Take It

Bradley who hasn’t even entered 7th grade is looking like a polished high major prospect all ready, a statement we do not make lightly. His frame has continued to expand since we last saw him at the Middle School All-American game and so has his position.  Previously he operated as a wing forward but in a short time has transitioned to the lead guard positon; a big point guard like another North Carolina player many may remember – Kendall Marshall.  Already considered nationally as one of the best on class the role of lead guard has only made him that much more dangerous as a playmaker – at the Atlantic City Showcase Bradley played both on and off the ball, was extremely fluid attacking slashing to the basket, showed range beyond the arch and was impressive in the middle game where he displayed a fine tuned use of floater finishes.

Bradley is being developed with a very similar skill-set to Anfenee Hardaway or Walt Williams; he has phenomenal size for the lead guard position and exception ball-handling prowess, vision, and passing ability.  Not only is he an exceptional shooter, but also a clutch one – he has that second sense of when to take over a game and the requisite skill set in which to do it.  The crazy part of Jaden Bradley’s game is that he could be considered the best player at multiple positions.  Ultimately Bradley will need to put on weight on what is a very slight frame, but he has more than ample time to do so – remember we are describing a 6th grader not next year’s lottery pick. 

A triple double threat IN MIDDLE SCHOOL each time he takes the floor; he is a sensational rebounder as well – he is more than legit and high school ready now, and is part of a growing North Carolina group that is transcending youth basketball right now.  We are not just talking about best in class now, we are talking now and in the future – his skill-set makes sense up multiple levels and Bradley is the prototypical player build, mental make-up, developmentally both physical and skill wise that are sought out by top national high school.  Mark this name down, Jaden Bradley you will be hearing it a lot moving forward, or it may be by the nickname he earned up north at Basketball Spotlights Showdown in America’s Playground “Lil Penny”.  No matter what you call him just make sure you place the #1 in front of it because he is currently the most complete OVERALL player that we have seen to date in the class of 2022.  Best scorer, no, best rebounder, no, best shooter, no – best combination of the aforementioned and more? Abso-freaking-lutly.

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