Friday, March 25, 2016

Griggs 2.0 Completes the Texas Two Step

Bryce & "DJ" Griggs make it a family affair

Seth and Stephen Curry, Jon, Brent, and Drew Barry, Jeff and Marquis Teague, Brook and Robin Lopez – these are just of few examples in the world of basketball where brothers and families are able to “bottle” the tools, resources, and proverbial recipe for developmental success on the court.
A young heavy hitter who has been making considerable noise the past few years and is quickly becoming one of the top prospects in the class of 2022 and arguable the face of the class is Bryce Griggs out of Lake Jackson, Texas. 
Watching him play you see a keen maturity that is well beyond his years especially when it comes to pace and the ability to efficiently pick his spots – along the way he has had some prolific scoring outburst and stunning performances that have left fans, players, and opponents in awe.  Yet for many this is déjà vu …its almost like you have seen this before and for some maybe they have.
Not so long ago Demetrius "D.J." Griggs older brother of Bryce was a highly ranked middle school Phenom and continued to impress at the high school level achieving and maintaining his status as one of the top players in America in route to obtaining a college scholarship.  Watching the video below of D.J’s exploits from just a few years ago the similarities are almost eerie – it’s as if you are watching young Bryce and adding a bulk and about 6-inches.      
DJ Griggs wasn’t just another player, he finished ranked as one of the top 125 players according to; averaged 23ppg, along with 6 assist, and 4 rebounds his senior season in high school where he was named District MVP.  That concluded a career where he finished 43rd on the entire state of Texas All-time scorer list with 2,590 points.  ESPN named him Top Player to Watch in Texas.  Needless to say the path has been laid; and for Bryce the shoe seems to fit so he is wearing it; and wearing it well.  Both of them….they may of got it from their Daddy as he played football at eastern New Mexico State.

So much of transitional success is not coincidence; it’s the transferring of information from one generation to the next, the use of known training and systems that work.  In a world where less than 2% of all players make it to the professional side; to have success in the same family over multiple generations proves that there is a method to developing players on the highest level.  Do not try and reinvent the wheel; nothing replaces simple hard work and the having access to family secretes certainly doesn’t hurt either!

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