Friday, February 5, 2016

Michigans Young Messiahs Changing the Game in the Midwest

Jakhary Towns stays in the lab and continues to put out hits; the Michigan product who has long done it off the deck and from behind the strip continues to add elements to his game that make him one of the toughest in his class 2023.  One the ball is tipped Towns will make an immediate impact due to his shooting prowess. In addition, he has a high basketball IQ and he plays with purpose in mind while passing or finding ways to score.
Towns has always done a excellent job of making teammates better and has the ability to score from all over with range to the arc. He has an excellent feel and plays with great energy and urgency. Jakhary makes a positive impact on the game at both ends of the floor and is mentally and physically tough and competes on both ends. Towns is aggressive and positively productive contributing in multiple categories. 

Another bigtime prospect out of Michigan is straight out of Detroit and the Henderson basketball factory – Coach and Dad has produced two nationally ranked players.  Ashton Henderson without question is one of the best pure shooters in the nation in his class or any other for that matter.  The truth of the matter is Ashton may be one of the purest shooters to come through youth basketball in years; any coach will find a roster spot with the gift and skill set he possess.
As his game has matured the younger Henderson looks to score and not just be a shooter and he has developed an excellent knack for doing so. He can get to the rim on the break and finish using his length and athleticism. One of our favorites is Henderson’s ability to knock down the mid-range jumper off the catch or dribble. He attacks defenders in the lane, absorbs contact, and bounces into a smooth and confident pull up jumper. He also has a nice floater with touch and body control. Henderson scores so well his ability to pass is overlooked. He can hit open teammates as they cut to the basket or come off screens Middle School Hoops TV has captured this aspect of his game which is growing by leaps and bounds every time we see him!

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