Friday, February 19, 2016

Celebrating Easter Season - New Millennium Guard Jerry Easter a Futuristic Weapon

Ohio has a battle that will rage for the next 10-years, with two of the top backcourt players in the country within miles of each other the state of Ohio will have fun debating in barbershops for years.  The truth is that Jerry Easter is a new millennium combo guard vs your old school traditional PG or SG.  Easters development trajectory is futuristic and exciting to watch. 

Jerry Easter Jr. is a long and super quick combination guard that excels on the break and makes plays in the half-court with pull ups and slashes in between defenders. He is a rhythm scorer that can put up numbers in a hurry when confident, aggressive and doesn't worry about his position.

Frankly is one of the better looking point guard prospects in the country, regardless of class. He is a scoring lead guard with a solid frame (and developing excellent length) and a high basketball IQ. His ultimate strength is his ability to knock in shots. He can convert jump shots out to 23-feet and his release is smooth. 

While leading the break he shows good vision and his head is always up. He is more scorer than facilitator at this stage due to his ability to score at all three levels. If the lane gets cut off he has a potent floater as well. He has the ability to break down the defense and drop off passes in the tightest of areas to open teammates.  These skillsets translate up multiple levels and this is a player that can easily carry the label of superstar.  At we are giving him that label!

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