Friday, February 19, 2016

Celebrating Easter Season - New Millennium Guard Jerry Easter a Futuristic Weapon

Ohio has a battle that will rage for the next 10-years, with two of the top backcourt players in the country within miles of each other the state of Ohio will have fun debating in barbershops for years.  The truth is that Jerry Easter is a new millennium combo guard vs your old school traditional PG or SG.  Easters development trajectory is futuristic and exciting to watch. 

Jerry Easter Jr. is a long and super quick combination guard that excels on the break and makes plays in the half-court with pull ups and slashes in between defenders. He is a rhythm scorer that can put up numbers in a hurry when confident, aggressive and doesn't worry about his position.

Frankly is one of the better looking point guard prospects in the country, regardless of class. He is a scoring lead guard with a solid frame (and developing excellent length) and a high basketball IQ. His ultimate strength is his ability to knock in shots. He can convert jump shots out to 23-feet and his release is smooth. 

While leading the break he shows good vision and his head is always up. He is more scorer than facilitator at this stage due to his ability to score at all three levels. If the lane gets cut off he has a potent floater as well. He has the ability to break down the defense and drop off passes in the tightest of areas to open teammates.  These skillsets translate up multiple levels and this is a player that can easily carry the label of superstar.  At we are giving him that label!

All Hail “King” Khoi Thurmon

Chicago has an incredibly rich history on the hardwood. For generations, the ball played in school gyms around this city has been as good as anywhere in the country, producing an unmatched list of players that eventually matriculated to success at the high school level and beyond. There are countless others that - let's face it – that say they can Boogie in the class of 2024 there is only one King! 

“King” Khoi Thurmon top naturally ranked guard continues to display a solid set of skills on the circuit and we continue to monitor his progress.  The best pure point guard in the class. He is an intelligent player with great leadership skills and a coach's feel for running a team. He has great pace to his game and rarely puts himself in position to force a bad play. His improving athleticism and quickness combined with high percentage decision making are what sets him apart from his peers. 

He is a consistent 3-point shooter that forces defenders to play close giving him the advantage to penetrate into the paint. Defensively, he uses positioning which shows intellect beyond his years. He understands angles and is relentless on both ends. Great first step to gain an advantage on his defender. He is also a great drive, draw and kick passer when he attacks the lane at high speeds.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Michigans Young Messiahs Changing the Game in the Midwest

Jakhary Towns stays in the lab and continues to put out hits; the Michigan product who has long done it off the deck and from behind the strip continues to add elements to his game that make him one of the toughest in his class 2023.  One the ball is tipped Towns will make an immediate impact due to his shooting prowess. In addition, he has a high basketball IQ and he plays with purpose in mind while passing or finding ways to score.
Towns has always done a excellent job of making teammates better and has the ability to score from all over with range to the arc. He has an excellent feel and plays with great energy and urgency. Jakhary makes a positive impact on the game at both ends of the floor and is mentally and physically tough and competes on both ends. Towns is aggressive and positively productive contributing in multiple categories. 

Another bigtime prospect out of Michigan is straight out of Detroit and the Henderson basketball factory – Coach and Dad has produced two nationally ranked players.  Ashton Henderson without question is one of the best pure shooters in the nation in his class or any other for that matter.  The truth of the matter is Ashton may be one of the purest shooters to come through youth basketball in years; any coach will find a roster spot with the gift and skill set he possess.
As his game has matured the younger Henderson looks to score and not just be a shooter and he has developed an excellent knack for doing so. He can get to the rim on the break and finish using his length and athleticism. One of our favorites is Henderson’s ability to knock down the mid-range jumper off the catch or dribble. He attacks defenders in the lane, absorbs contact, and bounces into a smooth and confident pull up jumper. He also has a nice floater with touch and body control. Henderson scores so well his ability to pass is overlooked. He can hit open teammates as they cut to the basket or come off screens Middle School Hoops TV has captured this aspect of his game which is growing by leaps and bounds every time we see him!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Show Stoppers ~ Are you not Entertained?

The country finally got see the Tommy Anderson and Ryan Conway take the floor together.  Both veterans of the USA National Select system neither had played in the Red, White, and Blue together until this weekend and as a pair spark flew as both put on amazing performances leading the team to the semi-finals of a loaded Basketball Spotlight Clash for the Cup field.

Ryan Conway averaged 25ppg, 5 rebounds, and 1.5 assist as he continued to wow the nation with his prolific scoring exploits that were highlighted by a 28 and 27 outbursts.  Ryan is most often defined as a scoring combo-guard, and while he has the ball skills and capability to play the point, he's in his natural habitat when he's looking for his own offense. Conway is a big shot taker and maker. He is a shooting guard by nature but can also make plays when he slides over to the point. He can get to the rim in addition to his deep range and it an under rated passer as well. He has excellent instincts to go along with a good feel. Ryan is strong and athletic and is capable of taking over the game scoring wise. To his credit Ryan has improved his assist numbers and rebounding and deserves credit for adding to his game.

Scouts all over the country note that he simply puts the ball in the basket. He has good size and is probably not finished growing. He's already a terrific prospect and with his ability if he can develop his point guard skills he'll be a terrific prospect beyond high school.  With a amazing work ethic our money is on him to do so!

Tommy Anderson dropped anchor on the east coast and came out the game swinging catching a body and dropping 24 in the first game.  He has a phenomenal frame (great core strength) and he is as explosive as they come. He can slash his way to the rim at will and his body control is excellent. He can rebound in traffic, lead the break, and either finish above the rim or drop off a nifty assist.

Defensively, he has the length and active hands to be a devastating defender at the next level.
His decision-making has improved and he has started to limit his flair for the spectacular. He can hit the 3-point shot with range and does so well off the bounce; he has a short memory and is programmed to put the ball in the basket.  Anderson is a physical specimen who plays with a high motor all the time.  

Tommy is a terrific prospect coming in ranked #6 in the class with off the charts upside. Once he puts it all together and learns to pick his spots on how he affects the game he has a chance to be real good at the High School level and beyond.

Like A Boss - John Mobley Still Running Things in the Class of 2024 has monitored the exploits of John Mobley for several years and chronicled his progress to the nation as he made his way up the national ranking boards ultimately landing as our #1 player in the country in the class.

Well, the more things change the more they stay the same; “Lil” Mobley whose Mom, Dad, and Uncle all played high major basketball has done more than inherit the genes he is taking the Mobley name to a whole new level earning national recognition we in advance of middle school with a game and skill set that is tailored made for success at the next level.

Residing in Ohio Mobley Jr. has the work ethic of a NBA professional often spending 6 to 8 hours a day in the gym often in combination with camps, games, and other basketball related activities.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Mobley play he is smooth and plays with little wasted motion. He makes the right play at the right time, be it a pass, a steal, a rebound or a basket. From the neck up there's no one better in the class of 2024 with his ability to think, play and perform. He understands how to win and what it takes to win. He is a solid shooter to 22 feet but rarely forces anything. Bottom-line is that Mobley is a talent with a great future. His game is similar to that of Isaiah Thomas (Piston NOT Celtic) at this early stage.

Below some recent footage of John Mobley Jr. at the Middle School Hoops TV Camp!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top National Talent on Display for USA National Select Team In New Jersey

Tyler Pearson (Center) Overland Park, KS:  Standing 6'8 Tyler is a naturally powerful with a strong frame and the potential to add plenty more muscle mass down the road, Pearson’s is also athletic and very fluid for a youngster of his size. He runs the floor very well, craves out space, rebounds well, and has very good shot-blocking instinct already at such a young age.

Whereas he is still learning the game, especially on the offensive end, his skills and understanding are very raw. His hands undoubtedly will get softer as he develops an offensive identity and figures out what his niche is going to be on that end of the floor.  The bottom-line for Tyler is that he's got all the physical tools to be a high-major prospect, most specifically size, and is one of the better young shot-blockers you'll find at this stage. Playing in the National Select system will only serve to advance his progression even more expeditiously. 

Keon Henderson (PG) Detroit, MI:  Henderson is a point guard with excellent quickness and natural PG attributes. He pushes the ball on the break where he can finish around the rim with a clear path. He will also not hesitate to advance pass after receiving an outlet pass. He has a nice feel for the game and smooth passer and a good open shooter including a nice rhythm dribble pull up and floater. He has good first step and likes to spin off defenders to complete drives as well. Henderson is also very good at turning the corner in pick and roll situations where he is a drive, draw and kick passer. Henderson is relentless on defense and is one of the best on the ball defenders at the position.


Jamonte Smith (CG) Roanoak, VA:  Smith is a smooth combo guard who can play either position. He has an overall solid game, he's not great at any one aspect but is good at a lot of things. He can shoot it with range to the 3-point stripe. He's a good athlete who has been trained in multiple aspects of the game at a very high level. Smith possesses a good basketball IQ and you can tell he's been well coached. Solid  rebounder and a good defender for his position; an overall solid prospect who projects to be a point guard as he gets older. He should turn out to be a very good high school player at the next level.