Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jaden Springer - He Aint Going Nowhere

Monitoring many of the nation’s top talents and their continued development is the ultimate test of  any professional scouting service.  In what has become an extremely controversial industry when dealing with the younger ages; the brand has consistently been able to identify talent nationwide not only early; but accurately.   

Jaden Springer has a family that is educated in the world of basketball; their knowledge and decision making as it pertains to the handling of their young prodigy continues to be impeccable. While the circuit has begun limiting opportunities for the elite; those parents who are not as knowledgeable in some cases have made tragic decision that are immediately, potentially, and infinitely impacting the future of their children – Springer is the poster boy for doing things the right way.  Operating with the class of a Fortune 500 company Jaden Springer stock is on the rise.

Already considered nationwide on any board a Top 5 to 10 talent regardless of position Springer has left the Mom and Pop events in the rear-view mirror – he will not be one of those players who have effectively disappeared from the public eye.  If you haven’t seen him on the youth/middle school sites the reason is that Jaden Springer has taken his talents to Tennessee and Lighthouse Christian Academy’s High School Varsity Basketball Program.  

Lighthouse Christian Academy which is located in Antioch, Tn. boast a national schedule, currently checking in with a 17-3 record and a large enough sample size that the budding superstar has validated himself to any naysayers that he is varsity ready in the 8th grade.  “Ready….?.” ready to contribute? Ready to play minutes?  Ready to compete in practice?  How about all of the above PLUS the documented ability to lead his team as a starter.

Jaden Springer currently maintains a stat-line that has major prep programs salivating at the possibility that once he officially becomes a high schooler that he may be available to provide their institutions his services.  Jaden’s is averaging 18.6 ppg, 2.2 assist, 3.6 rebounds, 1.7 steals, and just under a block per game all while gaining valuable varsity level experience for the #22 ranked team in the state. In the last week Springer dropped an impressive 33pts, 5 assist, and 4 rebounds against Aaron Academy and followed that up with another 33 point performance in a 94-89 victory versus Central Park Christian; just yesterday he added another 26 –point effort to his resume…. the kid is getting better game by game literally. 

As we say good-bye to many faces who due to flawed strategy have taken themselves out of the conversation specifically referring to the 2020 class - Jaden Springer has proven that his name will remain in the conversation at the highest level due to his total package and program on and off the court.  The Fortune 500 player continues to make the right decisions on and off the court while displaying a game that has systematically been introduced to the country and the scariest part of all is the fact his he is nowhere near his extremely high ceiling.  America take note now; Jaden Springer is here to stay.  #FACTS

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