Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lighting Strikes Twice - Meet The Show Runner 2020 PG Ahron Ulis; He's Up Right Now

Ahron Ulis, the younger brother of Kentucky’s PG Tyler Ulis; is a solid lead guard in his own right.  We like the size and length as well as his ability to score off the catch or dribble with three point range. We saw his ability to create his own shot especially when making decisions working off on ball screens.  He was verbal, communicated on both ends, and ran the team - even in a camp setting he got  teammates involved. 

Ulis has a tight handle with a variety of dribble moves that includes change of pace and directions on a dime – his continued work on a high level where he can constantly test himself and hone his skills will make Ahron one of the nation’s elite guards as well. Ulis has an excellent basketball IQ to go with his speed and quickness which is still developing and the ceiling remains high in this department as well – you see the wheels turning while he thinks through situations and makes plays. 

He competes at a high level and was consistent in every game when it came to production and taking care of the ball. Ulis can make a play at end of clock situations for him or others and hits free throws in clutch situations. He is a solid shooter mechanically and percentage wise; with range to 20 feet to go along with his sweet mid-range pull-up package. 

But just like big brother, Ulis passes the ball on time and on target, he get the ball to teammates where all they have to do is step in to their shot. We also loved the use of the shot fake to get the defender out of position before or after he picks up his dribble. He has the feel and style of a young Johnny Dawkins when you watch him operate. 

In transition he can be a one man fast break with his ability to push the ball at high speeds where he is always a threat to score the ball or drop off for an easy basket – the array of finishes will only be enhanced with added size and athleticism, the frame already has some intriguing length to work with in the future. Defensively he is quick enough to be disruptive on the ball with his active hands and quick feet.

So often the lineage of star siblings create pressure and unfair expectations – in this case Ashton is a star in his own right and has a certain set of tools that will impress scouts, entice colleges and universities, and a pedigree to achieve on the highest level.  After seeing Ulis this weekend anything less would be uncivilized.    

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