Monday, October 19, 2015

Meet the 2015 - Class of 2019 Top 5 National Players

Meet the 2015 2019 Top 5 Players in the country.  We have provided video highlights for each player for anyone who has not had the opportunity to see these young men play.  Through many hours of research, many miles traveled, and many games watched by our team of professionals we have comprised a list that we believe to be accurate and representative of the “best of best” at this particular moment in time in the class of 2019.  This is no way precludes any player or players from achieving at this level in the future; and is simply the opinion of a team of professional evaluators from throughout the country. 

Our previous national rankings over the years have represented over 60% of both the initial ESPN Watch List and ESPN National High School Rankings.  Our rankings also represent over 65% of and players rankings.  This is a tribute to the hard work and professionalism of our staff and exemplifies the vast knowledge base.  We wish all players continued success and for those we have not seen, looks forward to seeing you in the gym!

Congratulations to our National Top 5, our Top 100, and to all players competing, training, and doing it for the love the game.


The Staff

#1 Rowan Barrett (FL)

#2 Charles "Big Ticket" Bassey (TX)


#3 Chandler Lawson (TN)  

#4 Cassius Stanley (CA)

#5 Wendell Moore (NC) 

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