Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marcedus Leech Answers the Call on the First Ring - -Nation: ANY QUESTIONS?

M. Leecch raanked #8 in the Country overall & #2 SG by P2bball.com

Marcedus Leech out of Missouri showed up to the Middle School Hoops TV Camp and put on a show the entire weekend, averaging an eye-popping 41.5 ppg - Leech is arguably the most prolific offensive player in the 2019 class and he operates with a pro-style offensive skill set; he possesses one of the quickest and most potent step back moves that we have seen at the high school level.  His is able to work into a jumper and/or off the drill when using it – his frame is prototypical basketball 2Guard and he has the tools, size, skill, and length that it will take to succeed on the next level.  He is fearless attacking any type of defense and has the ability to go on some amazing runs when he gets heated up. His advanced skill level and competitive drive set him apart from his peers as he seems to thrive when most others wilt with the game is on the line.

The elite two-guard impressed all weekend long with his toughness and athleticism from the guard position. He plays with reckless abandon on defense and is able to dictate the tempo with constant ball pressure; he turned more than his share of turnovers into easy baskets after coming up with a steal. He is a perfect fit in a full court up-tempo pressing style. Leech excels in the transition game using his explosive quickness to put pressure on the defense by getting the ball in a scoring area before the defense can get set. He is nearly impossible to stop once he gets up a head of steam. His frame can absorb a bump, and can still add weight while maintaining his athleticism and quickness, and still finish at the rim going over or through the opponent.  Leech qualifies as a bigtime dunker and finisher combine that with a silky smooth jump shoot – Leech is a threat from behind the arc, but rarely settles for a contested jumper and also work the mid-range where he can easily elevate over his defender to get any shot that he wants. We loved his energy and tenacity; the kid is a winner that loves to compete and he never stops giving his all on the court.  

Immediately after the big time performance from this weekend; Kansas University was contacted on his behalf and he has already been on campus to view practice – this is a realistic look for Leech with continued growth and physical maturity.  Marcedus Leech who attends Poplar Bluff High School, where he may be the team’s top prospect as a freshman is a player that you must keep an eye on as he has the potential to be one of the best in class when it’s all said and done – the kid is special and proved it all weekend long.

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