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The Carolina Three Put on Show at MSHTV Camp: They are Good, They are Bad, and for the rest of the country its Getting UGLY

The Middle School Hoops TV weekend camp attracted players from all over the country; North Carolina was headlined by their Big 3; each represented their home state in their respective age groups putting in work over the two day event.

Jaden Springer (2020) - The more you watch, the more you like, when it comes to evaluating Springer. He is quickly developing the quintessential frame for the 2 or the 3 and the skills to boot. He is a very good athlete with deceptive speed and quickness off the dribble. His offensive game is polished as he can dominate his opponent in a number of ways. His jump shot is deadly in the mid-range, but it's not as proficient from the stripe as it could be – but that too is improving at a rapid pace each time we see him; primarily we are seeing the confidence to shoot it off the bounce and catch and it looks sound mechanically and he is getting into it in rhythm showing a natural stroke. 

However, his step-back space creation jump shot was borderline pro-esque. His fundamentals are very good and he always gets into a triple threat position before attacking his opponent. He can finish with either hand off the bounce with the left becoming more proficient – he is even looking to dunk in traffic and in transition. If a smaller and/or quicker defender gets into him, he has the savvy to post him up and attack. His pivot work in the paint area was smooth and he has a tremendous knack of finishing plays with contact. 

He moves well without the ball and there isn't any real wasted motion to his game. Overall, on the offensive end, Springer isn't your flashy highlight type of player, but the tangibles ie. the “skills that pay the bills” - efficiency and production are high-level and one of the best in class. Defensively, he picked up his man full court and with his length and feel, along with never ending motor makes him an outstanding defender now and will translate to the next level as we suspect him to be a multiple position defender as even in the worst case scenario with this young man we are clearly looking at a 6’6 athlete at worst; when that’s is your basement look for the nation’s top prep school to be soliciting him for his services come 2016.

Carter Whitt (2021) - Whitt is one of the unique individuals (Jason Kidd is an example that comes to mind) that has the ability to dribble with the ball as fast as he can run without it. He may not have blazing speed (he is deceptively quick), but he more than makes up for it with his ball quickness. It is rare in today's game of scoring point guards that a player at the position can impact a game to the extent that he does without having to shoot the ball. 

It is refreshing to watch his teammates sprint the floor in transition knowing that there is a good chance that their efforts will be rewarded with a scoring pass from Whitt. He has great court vision, has every pass in the book and he delivers it with perfect timing. He is a confident leader that seems to always make the “right play”; in today’s middle school game, high school for that matter there are very few that can be said about.

Every player in the country would want to play with Carter Whitt. He honestly can dominate the game by passing the basketball. He is the best passer that I have seen in the class of 2021 hands down. Carter also has great size, a strong handle and unbelievable court vision. He makes excellent decisions in heavy traffic and he delivers the ball to teammates while they are open not after the defense recovers. In transition he advances the ball up the floor on the pass or dribble. He plays with an open mind as he probes the defense and makes it pay as soon as he recognizes a mistake whether it be for himself or a teammate. He has leadership skills, excellent disposition, and the basketball IQ to run the team. He understands how to get open by using his size and providing the passer with a target hand when being denied. He passes over and around traps and double teams and he is great at using pass and shot fakes to move the defense out of position. 

He scores on mid-range pull ups and slashes in the lane. He must work to improve his perimeter shooting from distance but proved he can make the open shot trey ball with needed time and space. At the end of the game he wants the ball in his hands and has the confidence and toughness to make late game free throws. He is an above average athlete and but not the speedy lead guard that the “Youtube World” is accustomed to; but his feel for the game make him a special player and one that trantions well to the next level.  He has flair, swag, and a personality on the court mind you and he is one that can double – double it anytime out.  We are not talking about the Westbrooks or Kyrie Irvings of the world when describing STYLE of play with Whitt; he reminds more so of the likes of Mark Jackson, John Stockton, Jason Kidd with respect to his play – can’t think of a better 3 lead guards to be compare too than that and that is what makes Whitt special; he is a throwback.

Jaden Bradley (2022) – Bradley may be the most unique prospect in the country in the 2022 class; he battled Bryce Griggs to a standstill and their match-up and made his statement for nations best at the MSHTV Camp after MVP Honors in the Middle School All-American Game a few shorts weeks ago.

The lengthy wing with an incredible reach has quite the offensive arsenal. He is a tad unorthodox, athletically that is, but he did have a number of strong finishes in the paint area during the weekend. His versatile game can hurt his opponents inside and out. He doesn’t have a love affair with the 3-point shot, but it goes in more often than not when he decides to let one go. It's a deliberate release, but it has an excellent arc to it and it always lands softly. 

He can handle it well in the open court and his passing ability is very underrated. Although he can hurt his opponents from the perimeter, he can be a beast in the paint area as well usually finishing off offensive rebounds with high percentage put backs that in a few years will be resounding dunks. Due to his perimeter skills and up-fakes, he was able to get to the rim off the dribble on a consistent basis.
Although he often was by far the best talent on the floor, he played with a high motor and was just as dominant on the defensive end blocking shots and hitting the defensive glass. If Bradley can continue to develop a post-game-a jump hook would be nice-he will be a nightmare match-up at the next level a few years from now.  Where did he come from?  Who care he’s here now and he’s got next!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marcedus Leech Answers the Call on the First Ring - -Nation: ANY QUESTIONS?

M. Leecch raanked #8 in the Country overall & #2 SG by

Marcedus Leech out of Missouri showed up to the Middle School Hoops TV Camp and put on a show the entire weekend, averaging an eye-popping 41.5 ppg - Leech is arguably the most prolific offensive player in the 2019 class and he operates with a pro-style offensive skill set; he possesses one of the quickest and most potent step back moves that we have seen at the high school level.  His is able to work into a jumper and/or off the drill when using it – his frame is prototypical basketball 2Guard and he has the tools, size, skill, and length that it will take to succeed on the next level.  He is fearless attacking any type of defense and has the ability to go on some amazing runs when he gets heated up. His advanced skill level and competitive drive set him apart from his peers as he seems to thrive when most others wilt with the game is on the line.

The elite two-guard impressed all weekend long with his toughness and athleticism from the guard position. He plays with reckless abandon on defense and is able to dictate the tempo with constant ball pressure; he turned more than his share of turnovers into easy baskets after coming up with a steal. He is a perfect fit in a full court up-tempo pressing style. Leech excels in the transition game using his explosive quickness to put pressure on the defense by getting the ball in a scoring area before the defense can get set. He is nearly impossible to stop once he gets up a head of steam. His frame can absorb a bump, and can still add weight while maintaining his athleticism and quickness, and still finish at the rim going over or through the opponent.  Leech qualifies as a bigtime dunker and finisher combine that with a silky smooth jump shoot – Leech is a threat from behind the arc, but rarely settles for a contested jumper and also work the mid-range where he can easily elevate over his defender to get any shot that he wants. We loved his energy and tenacity; the kid is a winner that loves to compete and he never stops giving his all on the court.  

Immediately after the big time performance from this weekend; Kansas University was contacted on his behalf and he has already been on campus to view practice – this is a realistic look for Leech with continued growth and physical maturity.  Marcedus Leech who attends Poplar Bluff High School, where he may be the team’s top prospect as a freshman is a player that you must keep an eye on as he has the potential to be one of the best in class when it’s all said and done – the kid is special and proved it all weekend long.

Stay tuned to as we will be releasing the exclusive Leech mixtape from the MSHTV weekend in THIS WEEK!

P2BBall.COM 2015 - 2021 Top 100 National Player Rankings

1 Zion Harmon, 5'5,PG, Washington, DC 
2 Ryan Conway, 6'0, SG, Maryland 
3 Trey Patterson, 6'7, WF, New Jersey
4 Malik Thomas, 6'2, SG, California
5 Donnell Harris,6'4, F, Florida 
6 Tommy Anderson, 6'0, PG, Las Vegas 
7 Caleb Furst, C, 6'5, Indiana 
8 Seth Wilson, 6'1, WG, Ohio
9 Paris Dawson, 6'0, SG, Arizona 
10 Carter Whitt, 5'10, PG, North Carolina 
11 Jia Smith,6'4, F, North Carolina 
12 Jalen Hall,5'9, CG, Washington, DC
13 John Lawson, 6'4, WF, Tennessee
14 Jalen Blackmon, 5'10, CG, Indiana 
15 Rueben Fatheree, 6'5, PF, Texas
16 Zach Blackwell, 5'11, SG, Maryland 
17 Trevor Keels, 6'1, WF, Washington, DC
18 Khalil Brantley, 5'4, PG, Georgia 
19 Meechi Johnson, 5'7, PG, Ohio
20 Justin Ebor, 6'5, CF, California 
21 Jayden Brown, 5'10, SG, New Jersey 
22 Anthony Sayles, 5'9, SG, Illinois 
23 Latrell Moore, 6'0, WG, Texas
24 Noah Pebbles, 6'3, F, Ohio 
25 Patrick Baldwin, 6'2, CG, Illinois 
26 Malcom Dread, 6'2, WF, Maryland 
27 DJ Jackson, 5'9, PG, California 
28 Chris Ford, 6'2, F, North Carolina 
29 William Jeffers, 6'3, WF, Pennsylvania 
30 Keon Henderson, 5'9, PG, Michigan
31 Jaden Hameed, 6'0, WF, Ohio
32 Kennedy Chandler, 5'7, PG, Tennessee 
33 Jalen Smith, 5'8, CG, Florida 
34 Paolo Banchero, 6'0, CG, Washington
35 Julius Elerbe, WF, 6'2, Maryland 
36 Adrian Griffin Jr., WF, 6'2, Illinois 
37 Camden Blount, 6'2, F, Georgia 
38 Jacory Wallace, 6'2, F, Michigan 
39 Jadun Michael, 6'4, F, North Carolina 
40 Jon Soundheim, 6'3, F, Virginia 
41 Dallan Coleman, 5'8, SG, Texas
42 Rasheed Dupree, 6'1, WF, Virginia 
43 Brayon Freemen, 5'10, SG, Maryland 
44 Drake Booker, 6'1, WF, Las Vegas 
45 Chris Evan, 6'0, WF, Pennsylvania 
46 Kevin Miller, 5'6, PG, Illinois 
47 Khalil Farmer, 6'0, WF, Pennsylvania 
48 Zaire Wade, 5'8, SG, Florida 
49 Tristian Jefferies, 6'0, F, New Jersey 
50 Justine Williams, 6'0, F Pennsylvania 
51 Ariel Goddott, 6'3, C, Virginia 
52 Christian Moore, 5'10, Virginia 
53 Ahmad Harrison, 5'9, Maryland 
54 Zachary Williams, 5'11, F, California
55 Jaden Jones, 5'11, WG, Texas 
56 Marcus Moore, 5'11, WF, Canada 
57 Patrick Baldwin, 6'2, CG, Illinois 
58 Darius Johnson, 5'7, PG, Virginia 
59 Saveon Jackson, 5'10, F, Washington DC
60 Noah Rittingger, 5'9, PG, West Virginia 
61 Devin Martin, 6'0, F, Texas
62 Thaddius "Popo" Franklin, 5'9, SG, Florida 
63 Jalen Whiteside, 5'8, CG, Michigan 
64 Milos Uzan, 5'7, PG, Las Vegas
65 Malik Mossouri, 6'0, F, Maryland 
66 Travis Burress, 5'11, CG, Georgia 
67 Christian Clover, 6'0, CG, Pennsylvania 
68 Jalen Miller, 5'8, PG, Maryland 
69 Shane Dozonie, 5'11, F, New Jersey 
70 Elijah Hawkins, 5'2, PG, Washington, DC
71 Jermain Davis, 6'2, C, Washington 
72 Afombi Begonzi, 6'1, WF, Washington, DC
73 Willie Forman, 6'3, F, Tennessee 
74 Michael James, 6'5, Florida 
75 Al Fattir Connor, 5'7, PG, New Jersey 
76 Jake Koverman, 6'2, F, Maryland 
77 Jaylen Brown, 5'9, PG, Tennssee 
78 Tyrone Washington, 5'7, PG, Arizona 
79 Shane Nowell, 5'8, SG, Washington
80 Justin Hall, 6'3, C, Georgia
81 Jamari Jones, 5'10, G, Florida
82 Laquin Staton, 6'2, PF, Washington DC
83 Reginald Tinsley, 6'2, PF, Maryland 
84 Noah Clifford, 6'4, C, California 
85 Jaquan Harris, 5'8, PG, New Jersey 
86 Isaiah Thompson, 5'7, PG, New York
87 Tre, 6'2, F, Connecticut 
88 Makail Cottingham, 5'9, Ohio
89 Jalen Curtis, 6'2, F, Washington, DC
90 Michael Onyeukwu, 6'3, C, California 
91 Eric Williams, 6'6, C, Louisiana 
92 Zaakir Williamson, 6'3, F, Pennsylvania 
93 Dimitrios Stragalinos, 6'1, SG, California 
94 Keno Lilly, 5'9, SG, Washington, DC
95 Trey English, 5'7, PG, Maryland 
96 EJ Speight, 6'2, C, Washington, DC
97 Jack Courneya, 5'9, WG, Utah 
98 Andre Crawley, 5'8, PG, Maryland
99 Langston Love, 5'9, F, Texas
100 Trey Thomas, 5'7, SG, Washington, DC

He Aint No Joke; Bryce Griggs Dominates MSHTV Camps makes Claim for Nations #1 Spot

Byrce Griggs walked into the Middle School Hoops TV Camp with a reputation and is eyeing the #1 spot in the nation in this year’s 2022 ranking.  Watching the Texas native in person we were more than impressed; Griggs is a confident scorer that is in attack mode on both ends of the floor. He is a strong and physical wing that has not met a shot he didn't like or can’t make. 

A shot creator in transition that knows how to get the ball to the rim. A underrated athlete that can get into the lane at will with his craftiness, ball handling ability, and strength that allows him to dribble through contact and draw fouls. Griggs has great command of the ball as he kind of hops or skips when he is attacking off the dribble. He uses the hesitation, between the legs and spin moves to get by his defender. He likes too also bounce into a pull up jumper after one or two dribbles when he gets the defense on its heels with his quick first step. 

Griggs is an exceptional passer and makes excellent reads often seeing plays before the develop because he possesses excellent court vision and IQ. At times he will take chances with the ball by trying to make a great play in traffic and more times than not he is successful – his “highlights” are forced hotdogs plays rather they are fundamental right plays that are executed on a high level with a little flair at times. 

Showed a good three point shoot off the catch or dribble when he is set, we love the elevation, the high release and follows through. Also, Bryce does a great job of using the shot fake to lift his defender at the start and end of drives. Defensively he attacks the ball with active hands and he really works to stay in front of the ball handler in order to cut off scoring drives. Griggs proved to all in attendance that the hype is real and that he is a big time talent that can take his game to the next level when the lights are at its brightest.  He has a very serious, pro like approach to his game, he expects a lot from himself and those on the floor competing with him…he demands it; this demeanor and attitude will surely keep Griggs in the conversation for top player honors for years to come.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

P2BBall.COM 2015 - 2020 Top 100 National Player Rankings

1 Kyree Walker, 6'5, CG, California 
2 Jason Harris, 6'8, F, Arizona
3 Che Evans, 6'6, CG, Maryland 
4 Terrance Williams,6'6, F, Washington DC
5 Isaiah Todd, 6'9, F, Virginia 
6 J'yare' Davis, 6'5, WF, Delaware
7 Shemar Morrow, 6'3, SG, California 
8 Trey Hall, 6'6, WF, Connecticut 
9 Jalen Suggs, 6'3, PG, Wisconsin 
10 Jaden Springer, 6'3, G, North Carolina 
11 Ben Todd, 6'11, F, California 
12  "AJ" Hoggard, 6'1, PG, Pennsylvania
13 Johnny Juzang, 6'6, SG, California 
14 Cameron Byers, 6'6, F, Maryland 
15 Hunter Dickinson, 6'11, C, Virginia 
16 Jordan Toles, 6'0, SG, Maryland 
17 Andrew King, 6'7, F, Pennsylvania 
18 Evan Johnson, 6'1, PG, North Carolina 
19 Marcus Dumerville, 6'8, F, Florida 
20 Jabri Abdur-Rahim, 6'5, WF, Arizona 
21 Dillon DePina, 6'2, SG, California 
22 Jalen Cone, 5'11, SG, North Carolina 
23 Jay Loveday, 6'9, C, Ohio
24 Raymond Terry, 6'9, C, Indiana 
25 Nate Tabor, 6'7, F, California 
26 Josh Rubio, 6'6, F, North Carolina 
27 Montez McNeil, 6'6, C, Maryland 
28 Nimari Burnett, 6'2, SG, Illinois 
29 Matt Komen, 6'11, C, Utah 
30 Rashad Mcdaniel, 5'10, SG, Missouri 
31 Chase Ellis, 6'4, F, Georgia 
32 Silas Mason, 6'4, WF, North Carolina 
33 Elijah Everett, 6'8, C, New Jersey 
34 Isaiah LeBlanc, 6'3, SG, Texas 
35 Dwon Odom, 6'1, SG, Georgia 
36 R.J. Hampton, 6'4, SG, Texas
37 Emmanuel Okpomo, 6'9, C, Mississippi
38 Tristian Maxwell, 6'2, SG, North Carolina 
39 Marcus Bagley, 6'5, WG, Arizona 
40 Jamaine Briggsfield, 6'8, WF, Mississippi
41 Donovan Billings, 6'3, WG, Wisconsin 
42 Jack Pugh, 6'3, F, Ohio 
43 Dimingus Stephens, 6'5, WF, Washington DC
44 Hunter Jackson, 5'10, CG, Indiana 
45 Kendall Munson, 6'5, C, California 
46 C.J. Robinson, 5'10, CG, New York 
47 Obinna Anyawau, 6'6, F, California 
48 Tyler Brelsford, 5'10, PG, Maryland 
49 Luke Kasubke, 6'3, F, Missouri
50 Jack Rottler, 6'5, WG, California 
51 Justin Lewis, 6'6, F, Maryland 
52 Mike Saunders, 5'7, PG, Indiana 
53 Earl Timberlake, 6'4, F, Washington DC
54 Wilhelm Dorsz, 6'6, WF, California 
55 Joshua Taylor, 6'5, F, Georgia 
56 Josiah Freeman, 6'2, SG, Virginia 
57 Jay Taylor, 5'11, PG, California 
58 Keegan Woods, 6'6, PF, California 
59 Jeremy Roach, 5'9, SG, Virginia 
60 Chris Mayfield, 6'2, WF, Ohio
61 Richie Greaves, 5'10, New Jersey 
62 Kieves Turner, 6'1, SG, Pennsylvania 
63 Isaiah Kennedy, 5'11, PG, Ohio 
64 Chuck Harris, 5'11, SG, Virginia 
65 Rahim Ali, 6'0, PG, Maryland 
66 Keyshawn Johnson, 6'0, PG, Washington DC 
67 Demon Clowney, 6'5, F, Maryland 
68 CJ Wilcher, 6'4, WF, Pennsyvania 
69 Adam Miller, 6'2, CG, Illinois 
70 Tre Galloway, 6'1, SG, Indiana 
71 Qaadir Maneri, 6'0, G, New Jersey
72 Ray Tyler, 5'11, PG, Tennessee
 Xavier Dussell, 6'2, F, California
74 Zack Martini, 6'6, PF, New Jersey 
75 Josiah Hardy, F, 6'3, Virginia 
76 Chris Moore, F, 6'3 North Carolina 
77 Tyler Uliss, 5'7, PG, Ohio 
78 Corey Barnes, F, 6'2, Delaware
79 Matt Alloco, 6'6, PG, Ohio
80 RJ Davis, 5'7, SG, New York
81 Dylan Branson, 6'1, SG, Missouri 
82 Amyr Henry, 5'7, PG, California 
83 Austin Allison, 6'2, SG, Maryland 
84 Jakobe Coles, 6'5, F, North Carolina 
85 Keith Dinwiddie, 5'10, PG, California 
86 Omar Haidara, 6'3, F, New Jersey 
87 Garrott Ott-Large, 6'3, WF, Indiana 
88 Mike Sumner, 5'11, CG, Washington DC
89 Chance Mott, 6'4, PF, Ohio 
90 Lejon Stewart, 6'4, F, Texas 
91 Rico Lang, 6'6, C, Maryland 
92 Kalib Murphy, 5'9, PG, Georgia 
93 Devion Henry, 6'4, C, Ohio
94 Devion Bradford, 6'7, 
95 Reese Beekman, 5'9, SG, Wisconsin 
96 Earnest Jackson, 6'2, WG, Michigan
97 Jordan McPhatter, 5'7, PG, North Caolina 
98 Kenney Womack, 5'9, PG, Washington, DC
DeMarco Watson, 6'1, F, New York
100 Grant Huffman, 5'10, SG, Ohio 

1 Woody Newton, 6'5, F, Washington, DC
 Posh Alexander, 5'7, PG, New York
3 Caleb Bowers, 5'11, SG, Maryland
4 Jacobi Wright, 5'7, SG, North Carolina 
5 Chibuzo Agbo, 6'3, F, California 
6 Chaz Williams, 6'6, PF, 
7 Tarik Booker, 6'2, SG, Indiana 
8 Lattrell Gonzalles, 6'2, F, Canada 
9 Tyjavious Bedgood, 6'8, C, Virginia 
 Tiger Sims, F, 6'2, Maryland
11 Zeb Jackson, 5'9, SG, Ohio 
12 Dante Dickinson, 6'2, WF, Delaware 
13 Keetan "Keewee" Wyatt, 5'6, PG, Ohio 
14 Juwan Carpenter, 5'8, PG, Tennesse 
15 Fred Burton, 6'1, WF California 
16 Jahmir Thomas, 5'7,PG, California
17  Devin Askew, 5'7, SG, California 
Kareem May, 5'11, G, New York
19 Isaiah Folkes, 5'7, PG, Virgina 
 Jaylen Murray,6'0, G, New York
21 Trayvon Todd, 6'8, C, Virginia 
22 Greg Brown, 6'4, WF, 
23 Devin Hightower, 5'9, PG, Ohio 
Antonio Birdy, 6'1, G, Virginia
25 Kyree Banks, 5'5, PG, Washington, DC
26 Davion "Hobby" Ross, 5'9, SG North Carolina
27 Rongi Gordon, PF, 6'4
28 Niels Lane, 6'1, G, New Jersey 
29 Brevin Jefferson, 5'11, F, Indiana
30 Ishmael Leggett, 5'8, SG, Washington DC