Friday, September 25, 2015

The Rise & Fall of the NYBL - The Truth Revealed

So much has been asked about the demise of the NYBL and the disassociation of one of the most well-respected names in the industry; Rob Taylor.  Rumor and innuendo have led many to simply view the recent movements as a parting of ways – but those in the know realize that there is a deeper, more sinister under belly to the change in organization infrastructure.

The NYBL which was built on the theory of elite competition and maximum exposure has immediately been relegated by the remaining partners into a league focused maximizing the revenue streams with little to no concern regarding the quality of teams and competition.  To date using random test by unnamed individuals in the youth game have produced disappointing yet resounding realizations – teams are being accepted without any review of resume, previous track record, or financial means to travel longer distances to more expensive sites.   

The bottom line is clear there is no concern and/or knowledge of who the teams are as the remaining NYBL players have no background in the market they are attempting to swindle into playing in the league – the league is now in the hands of individuals whose only background is High School hoop events and tournaments.

You will notice for the first time since the leagues inception that there was not any presence whatsoever at the youth AAU nationals; the platform previously used to determine and recruit the top national teams.  You did not see representatives there or at any major hoop event for that matter – further cementing the fact that there is and has not been any care or effort made to ensure top comp and quality teams.

At the grassroots level as there is no clear delineation as it relates to program name and status; the best teams at middle school cannot be determined simply by shoe brand affiliation.  Just as with individuals, talented teams must be sought out and recruited in order to maintain the standard previously put in place at the leagues inception.  The rhetoric is clear, plain, and simple if a group desires to travel around the country to play against sub-par competition than the NYBL will be the unfortunate leader in this field.  

The exposure that was unprecedented at the middle school level will be non-existent as the partners that remain have admittedly acknowledge that they do not believe in the premise of media partners.  Ultimately nothing will be written and the old adage of when a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound rings true; any team or player competing in the “New” NYBL will be playing is absolute obscurity.  How bad is it; the new regime has failed to pay prior media partners for service and to date no less than five major outlets have refused to service the league due to lack of stability and disinterest.  At the end of the day; exposure is what separated and made the league special and that is gone in its entirety.  

With many of the other primary leaders that worked behind the scenes jumping ship due to integrity issues -  scheduling and organization are going to be suspect at best as none of the remaining stalwarts have ever engaged in this portion of the service to the league.  What can you look forward to?  Easily it can be stated that issues such as double court bookings, back to back games, and the best match-ups NOT being scheduled at all due to lack of knowledge and wherewithal will be the foundation of the NYBL moving forward.  If they are able to accidentally schedule a competitive game those will not likely be put at prime-times or main courts; again having the athletes playing in sheer obscurity.   

One of the primary concerns with Rob Taylor stepping down is who will be the face – who can recall speaking to anyone other than the congenial Taylor?  If you can find someone, internal information has provided information that the history of those left are late arriving and sometimes are no calls and/or no shows at all.  We have already heard and seen showing up to locked doors and gyms when the appropriate personnel is not present to run the operations properly at the EBC.  Additionally it has been advised that those remaining also have a history of early departure and a track record of “disappearing” for long duration's during the course of an event – and they ask why Taylor and others determined to walk away with pride and integrity.  

The success previously has been unquestioned so why would anyone leave?  The truth is being provided and the public in turn is being forewarned – those who want a meaningless empty championship; the NYBL is now accepting teams come one come all!

As we get down to the brass tax, why are locations changing – it’s due to the individuals tasked with handling the financials failing to pay for gyms and facilities across the country.  Reportedly the last session in 2015 Ohio still has outstanding balances, and notice a location that has been present since day one is no longer on the schedule – and now the country knows why.  Where are rings for champions of 2015?  They are in the empty boxes of promises, traditionally provided at the NYBL All-Star session they were conspicuously absent this year as eams who fought and earned these awards were left empty handed with a paper titles.  Referees are still seeking payment and teams from the 2014 season who paid deposits but pulled out prior to finalization deadlines have still not been reimbursed and are seeking legal remedies to these mishandlings.  The face and leader behind this Dameon Key is a walking financial disaster and has engaged in many shameful acts regarding hoops in the NYBL and other events throughout the country.  

The nation is looking into the eye of storm very similar to the EBC debacle so enter at your own risk as this time fair warning is being provided to those who seek it.  The financial questions are too many to answer with the primary concern being; is Dameon Key the next David Kelley?  Does any intelligent minded person feel comfortable giving in excess of $200,000 to Keys; we shall see but smart money is being bet on “NO”.  Can we qualify that his is going to happen no we can’t but ask yourself, if it does anyone know who in the world Dameon Key is, where to find him, or even better how to contact him or whar he looks like?

But you say Adidas is involved, well this relationship is not one of corporate backing rather a charitable donation only making the foundation even shakier and the propositioning more questionable.  Adidas has no direct ties to the league thus there are no management resources and no accountability therein.  This certainly doesn’t make the league something that appears to be viable or trustworthy – but no one listened to us when we advised of the downfall of the EBC several months before the theft of the century took place.  Maybe this time the warning will be heeded. 

So as we move on ask yourself if there remains any consideration in this league consider the following:

1)      Why would Rob Taylor leave a successful organization?
2)      Where is there any coverage of the recent NYBL All-Star weekend?
3)      Why are they currently discounting in September league entry fees by $600+ under the guise of a Labor Day discount – is desperation setting in 7-months before play begins or is this a money grab
4)      Why add a 9th grade division when the top teams in the country already compete on well-known shoe circuits – is there any potential to this being a quality product
5)      Why would a 4-session season now include pre-season invitational tournaments; there was a show long ago that said “Mo Money”, “Mo Money” “Mo Money” is this why – can you say watered down product
6)      Why are media outlets refusing to service the league
7)      Can Dameon Key fill the shoes of Rob Taylor in terms of class, standard, and professionalism
8)      How much does the new Sports Ngin website cost – worth a review we’d say
9)      Is Dameon Key the next David Kelley
10)   If you were born at night was it last night?

If you can answer 7 out of these 10 questions with a positive answer overnight your payment and secure your spot in the NYBL if you can’t enter at your own risk you have been warned as the “New” NYBL is readily accepting invitations for unknowing and unsuspecting clients.  

Join the “New” NYBL and we will look forward to seeing you battle in court as opposed to on it!

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