Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not So Fast My Friends - Seth Wilson has Something to Say About Who's #1 in the Class of 2021

Seth Wilson has something to say about all the talk about being #1 in the country at the class of 2021.  With an extensive resume of his own Wilson came out to play in his backyard at the Ohio Buckeye Prep Showcase.  We haven’t seen him compete in the top national all-star events in a few years so he had a lot to prove at this year’s event.

He started the event off by playing up in the 2020 Top 40 game where he dropped 17-points against players that were one year his senior – and them followed that up with some impressive total as he faced off against some of the best in the class of 2021.

We were impressed with the size and development of Wilson and actual see him transitioning to a big lead guard and anticipate big opportunity and huge problems at the “magic” height of 6’3 to 6’5 for him.  Already one of the better scorers in the country regardless of class - He is a "bucket-getter" as we say in the scouting world. His ability to score at all three levels is tremendous and his ball skills are evolving. He can snag a rebound in traffic, lead the break, and find a way to score in some fashion. 

He has an evolving triple threat game as well and is potent off the dribble. His 1st step is fairly explosive and he can finish with either hand at the rim. In addition, he can toss in a floater, a pull-up jump shot in transition, and will likely be finishing with the dunk before High School. He can shoot off the catch, but he is at his best shooting off the dribble. His release on his shot is quick and he gets good lift on his shot as well.  

We wanted to see more of Wilson in this type of environment in the last 24-months, but like a anything exclusive Wilson make himself available for only a limited time for viewing; he made the most of his time and will considered for tops in class based on a solid two days Buckeye Prep Showcase Performance which ended with Seth competing the Buckeye Prep Showcase Top 20 game.  Regardless of the number that ends up appearing by his name Seth Wilson is, has been, and will continue to be a fixture as one of the best in the country in the class of 2021.

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