Monday, September 7, 2015

NEW STAR WATCH: A Blissful Performance at Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Puts Name on National Radar

Christian Bliss is a true point that has a great feel for the position.  Bliss attacks the paint and center of the floor and will not hesitate to advance the ball on the pass or dribble to apply immediate pressure to the defense. He will also give the post a good look and do not forget about him when he decides to set up on the block. 

Bliss keeps constant pressure on the defense on the break as well as in the halfcourt set where he beats his man and gets in the lane seemingly at will. We love how Christian’s knowledge of how to control the game and how to get the ball to his teammates where they can be successful.  He has a tremendous  pull and middle game along with a very good floater when he gets deep into the teeth of the defense. Seeing him dominate against the best comp in the country after leading his Riverside team all season long he proved that he’s tough and carries that NYC Guard swagger onto the floor, a leader by example, he competes and is always in full attack mode. He can also pressure the ball and set the tone of defense as he has the vital combination on 2023 of size, strength, and skill.

We loved how Bliss could come off the ball as well and fulfill the role of the two; as a shooting guard he as well possess an excellent feel for the game and basketball IQ operating from the wing. We like his range and quick trigger mostly off the catch, but we did some solid work off the bounce.  He will spot up on the break, stretch the defense in the halfcourt offense or be a go to shooter off a special set play – he is best when the game is on the line and can be counted on to get you a bucket when in need. He has the size to shoot over smaller defenders as well. He is a better athlete than advertised and is a willing defender.  We like his confidence and his potential to be impactful for many years in the 2023 class.

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