Monday, September 14, 2015

Jalen Blackmon is the New Messiah of the Midwest

Jalen Blackmon - Blackmon is an excellent prospect with great upside. He's a Top 15 kid in his class of 2021 and continues to increase his value as we see him operating almost exclusively at the lead guard position after becoming arguably the 2-guard in the class according to many sources.

Blackmon has had a tremendous month appearing in the Middle School All-American Game, the Top 20 Game NYBL All-Star Game, and being named to the Top 20 Game at the Buckeye Prep Showcase.  That’s three set of professional eye’s qualifying this young man’s status as one of the top players in the country.

Jalen is an ultra-slick and silky-smooth combo guard whop looks like a future scoring lead guard. Blackmon has a quick release and pretty stroke that extends to NBA range; you will see Blackmon knock it down from 22 feet with great regularity.

A combination guard that is quickly adapting and competing at the highest level as a point guard – he plays under control and makes solid reads and decisions. He has a long lengthy frame, a pure basketball body that will easily be able to have strength added to it.  Everyone in the nation knows that he can make shots but his ability to break defenders down is starting to create separation from other players in the country.  When he gets hot he can run off points in a hurry, and now when they crowd his space he puts it on the floor and make the defense pay in the mid-range and as a finisher.

As an added bonus he is he can be ran off screen, be your catch and shoot guy, while still shooting a high percentage in the middle game – some buster on the skip and reversal Blackmon is a complete player whose upside and potential is nowhere close to being fully realized – he is trouble personified and he isn’t even close to where he will be.

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