Monday, September 7, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Reclassification Changes National Landscape & Shifts Balance of Power

Every year there is series of reclassified players at various age groups; the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp as become the unofficial location for top national prospects to appear for the first time as new members of their class.  Last year top players such as Washington, DC native Terrance Williams, Maryland’s Cameron Byers, Pennsylvania’s AJ Hoggard to name a few were “those guys” who not only reclassed but assaulted and immediately impacted the national ranking board as well the balance of power at the AAU club level.  Who will ever for the Team Melo/Terror Squad and the impact that group made on the nation?

For 2015-16 we have already seen special players such as Maryland All-World guards Ryan Conway (2021) and Che Evans (2020), solid lead guard from the west coast Alex Wade  (2021), Gionn Swann (2022) from Virginia and Texas star Drew Steffe (2023).

Well this year there two more players that have reported to that are “official issue” and have reported to new class.  Both players will affect the top tier of the both team and national rankings.  Please allow us to formally introduce you to:

Tommy Anderson (Nevada, Las Vegas) NOW CLASS OF 2021:  Not only will Anderson be relocating to a new class he will be relocating to a new coast.  Immediately this move makes Anderson a Top 5 to 8 player on any board in the country as a class of 2021 member. 

Anderson is a very unique talent. A skilled combo-guard that can play all three perimeter positions. He is a great passer with excellent court vision and is a good decision maker and is probably best playing downhill with the ball in his hands. He is a solid shooter with range well beyond the 3-point stripe. He is deceptively quick and a underrated athlete with a great first step.  Anderson knows how to change speeds and play angles in order to be effective and is a threat to score the ball from anywhere on the floor.  He put all these facets on display at the Middle School All-American Game as well as during the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; where he was named to the camps Top 20 All-Star game on the final day.

He is already a solid rebounder and the move in class will only enhance this aspect of his game with his size and toughness becoming even more of an asset. Anderson does a great job of finishing deep in the lane and is able to work the middle game because he can stretch the court with the jumper. Tommy has quietly added a post-up game to arsenal which will make him one of the toughest covers in the country. He can post smaller defenders and shoot over them or score with power through contact if you dare put a small guard on him.

To make matters worse for the nation, just announced, Tommy Anderson will be is transitioning to the PG position under the watchful eye of Team Melo Headman Coach Francis as Tommy the "Cannibal Assassin" Anderson takes his talents to the East Coast to partner with the “Baby Faced Assassin” and national #1 player candidate Ryan Conway forming what will arguably be the best backcourt and team in the country.   Confirmation from  top up and coming national prospects, wings Darius Tilghman and Khalil Farmer coupled with the possibility of another major national piece the Team Melo 2021 group is poised to be named pre-season #1 and make a run at the proverbial mythical national championship in the class.  Team Melo who already boast one of the nation’s best 2020 groups doesn’t rebuild it seems they simply reload.

Evan Johnson (North Carolina) NOW CLASS OF 2020:  Already considered my many in the know as a top PG in the class of 2019; this was a impactful surprise to the country that must be respected.  Johnson  is a talented guard who is really just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential offensively as he has long been the facilitator and set up guy for an extremely tough and hardnosed Team Loaded (NC) squad. 

The key for Johnson is swagger; knowing he is that guy – from a position perspective without question he immediately become a Top 5 Point Guard in the class. Johnson was tough to handle at 2019 and will be causing a multitude of problems for the 2020 guards.  Johnson’s toolbox includes good versatility and the ability to play either guard position because of his length and skills with the ball in his hands. 

He shoots the ball well off the catch or the dribble, gets to the rim equally well in the open floor or the quarter court, and will also create for his teammates any opportunity that he gets. Evan is a good mix of getting buckets and ball distribution He has all the physical capabilities to blossom into a good defender as well.

He has always had good size but now the shoulders and an upper body are rapidly filling out without Johnson sacrificing any of his speed and quickness, which are among his greatest attributes, he could very well have the full package physically by the time it's all said and done.   He already thinks the game and see the court at a level very few do and his personality and leadership skills are simply just another example of the complete package that Evan Johnson is.

He projects as a talented scoring lead guard and if he reaches the 6’3/6’4 threshold he will remind many of a young Mario Chalmers with his intellect, shooting, passing and analytical lead guard skills.

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