Monday, September 14, 2015

America Welcome To the Jyare Davis Show - Now Departing Ohio Next Stop the Moon

Jayare Davis continues to take the nation by storm and ascend the national ranking boards and make his claim as the cream of the crop – Davis’ recent performance at the Buckeye Prep Showcase did nothing to change the reputation he has built on his Summer tour to Cp3 Camp (Top 5 performer), Middle School All-American Game Selection and Starter, Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp (Top 5 performer).

Every set of eye’s that see Davis falls in love and many in attendance in Ohio stated Davis was the best in the gym regardless of the class.  Davis who has not been formality trained like many of the kids across the nation as built is his skill set the old-school way by playing the game at parks and playgrounds against grown men and the best talent he can find.  Does the old school way work – well watch Davis compete once and your question will be answered. 

Speak with him and you will see a student of the game, a coachable kids, and a kid who wants to know and do what it takes to be the best.  With his old-school manners and old-school work ethic what you are seeing is pure talent and he just a few month removed from being 13.  This kids talent is so apparent you don’t have to be a professional to see it – but to truly understand and appreciate the potential trajectory of Davis you have to know what you are looking at.

What you are seeing is a weight baring frame that is being prepared to finish through contact along with the speed to out runs guards and the bounce to out jump the big men. Extremely fluid in his handling of the rock; he is a baseline to baseline threat -  he can rebound the ball on defensive and take the ball coast to coast as he is suited for a transition game as a finisher.

A finesse player with an emerging power game – he has the versatility and the dexterity to score with either hand inside the paint by way of post moves, flash, and an impressive floater package that he uses as he relentlessly attacks the paint.

Very unselfish and a an adept passer who sees the court and works habitually out of the  triple threat position.  The jumper looks Durant-ish or Horry-ish with a smooth high release point, he can work out to the 3-point stripe and is consistent in the middle game from the wing and baseline areas out to 17' feet.

As you can see from the video below Davis will finish with a slam dunk when the opportunity presents itself. The combination of a hungry scorer, bounce and a soft touch gives him a consistent face up game and makes him a hard matchup for anyone.  Is he one of the best now? – without question they key caveat to this answer is that he has the potential to be the best when it’s all said and done.  Davis is special the nation can simply sit back and enjoy the ride as he is know where near where he will be and that’s the craziest part of all.

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