Monday, August 24, 2015

Jyare' Davis: The Next Coming is Here & The Hype Is Warranted

As the cream begin to rise to the top of the class of 2020 there is a clear and present danger that the country must readily prepare for and his name is Jyare Davis out of Pa. Davis is a tall wing with outstanding skill and good athleticism. Shoots well to the three point stripe and operates with efficiency along the baseline. Already 6’5 he translates already even he doesn’t grow another inch, but if he grows 3 to 4 more inches he could easily develop into a big time skilled power forward. He has weight barring shoulders, a solid frame, and a ceiling that is light years away at this juncture.

Having the opportunity to closely watch the bidding superstar it was easy to see that he is special – he isn’t that kids that has to shoot or score every time he touches the ball; the young man plays the game the right way and is cerebral in his approach. He's an above average passer and a willing passer. A lot of times when superstars are at his age they don't understand making the extra pass and they don't possess floor vision of the ability to make reads beyond what is immediately in front of them; Davis has this.

At his size and with the way in which he thinks the game Davis can easily play anywhere from the one through the four and we witnessed this this weekend; we even say that he can even play some five. Guys like this just don't come around very often. One thing that everyone's going to find out very quickly with Jyare is that in addition to his basketball skills he is a great, great competitor.

The goal of playing in events such as the Middle School All-American Game and the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp is to measure yourself against the best in class – some run from it; some make excuses, some don’t want the match-ups and want the easy path handed to them. Davis not only welcomed the challenge he excelled at it; the days of 6’0/6’1 wings are over as players such as Davis man this island nowadays and he takes no days of plays off only the best in class need apply for the challenge this young man poses.

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