Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FUTURE STAR WATCH: Write It Down, Take a Picture Jayden Brown Class of 2021 is Here to Stay

Brown burst onto the scene after submitting game and highlight tapes to a top middle school analysis that earned him an invite to the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.  The opportunity was created and in turn Jayden Brown took full advantage putting on a display that will land him as one of the top players in the country on multiple rankings boards across America.

Brown immediately proved out the gate that he is one of the better scorers in the country regardless of class, going head-to-head with the nations #1 player in 2021. He is a "bucket-getter" as we say in the scouting world and he not only matched the current King of the Hill, but he won the game as well as the statistical battle.  This of course caught the immediate attention of everyone in the gym.  His ability to score at all three levels is tremendous and his ball skills are purposeful and there is very little wasted motion. He can snag a rebound in traffic, lead the break, facilitate or stop on a dime and knock it down.  One of the better pull-up games off the bounce that we have seen.  His primary value is that the style in which he plays the game translates and his unselfish/make the right play decision making only makes you fall in love even more.

Jayden keep constant pressure on the defense with his high energy attacking style; his constant movement allows him to make plays on and off the ball. He can get to the rim on the break and finish above it with flare. He also is an excellent in the open court as a passer, lane filler, or finisher and this is in the paint as well as with the jump shot. 

A rhythm scorer who capable of getting points quickly, efficiently, and in large chunks – has the frame, skill, and mental make-up to play the lead guard and depending on height and further development he may ultimately end of moving there; but being that he is so talented with the rock in his hand if he is able to develop the size at the 2G he has the potential to be prolific and transcendent; a middle school version of Ray Allen is what we are looking at. 

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