Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donnell Harris Arrives to the Spotlight & Goes Back-to Back

Donnell Harris arrives and again crosses every name off his list, wins back-to-back camp championships, and back-to-back Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp MVP’s and now has officially thrown his name into the discussion for the #1 spot in the country in his class. 

Harris also appeared in the Middle School All-American game and left his footprints on that game as well – he does what he does will and at such a high level that and deficiencies to his game are easily overlooked; as you can see the work that he is doing and the improvement that is coming.  Its as if you know that it’s not a question of if he will get rather simply a question of when.

Donnell has a terrific motor that runs on premium related fuel not standard grade;  he competes every single possession at a high level on both ends of the floor and there was not an instance in which we viewed him that he had less than 5 blocks in a game – often he blocked that many in a single quarter. He rebounds on both ends with two hands at rim level and is a intimidating force who doesn’t have to say a word as his play speaks for itself – yes fear is a factor when dealing with Harris. He runs the floor with extra-long strides where he finishes with power – he is always in attack mode and is beginning to put a lot of pressure on opponents on the defensive end.  

He is capable of dominating a game without taking a single shot if he wanted to; with large strides in his offensive game he is one of if not the best interior defender as well he causes problems off the ball as a weak side guy who makes up for any mistake; an eraser in every sense.  He is so close to clicking offensively at a high level that folks must stay prayed up if they hope to compete on Donnell level for long.  He is a willing passer out the post and recognizes cutters; the top spot in the country isn’t anything that will be given to Harris simply stated he will just go and take it. 

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