Saturday, August 8, 2015

D1 Shooters Primed For The League Finale in the Lone Star State


The NIKE D1 Shooters 2022 squad comes into the League Finals as the #3 ranked team in the 5th grade class. We have had them Top10 all year, and in the Top5 for the past four months. They have not been beaten by a team outside of the State of Texas (where 4 of our top 10 team preside) all season, and have made the Championship game in every tournament this season, outside of their 5th place finish at AAU Nationals, where the 'real' championship game occurred in the Elite8 as ProSkills beat them by three points on a play with 25 seconds by #1 ranked Bryce Griggs.

Their only five losses in the past 15 months were to: 

#1 : ProSkills - Beat ProSkills at the Hype Sports WinterJam and lost by 3 in the Championship of the Super60 and by 3 in the Elite8 of AAU Nationals.

#2 : GCBC - Beat GCBC in the semi's of the HypeSports WinterJam and in the Championship game of the BigFoot Hoops Houston Cup and lost in an exhibition game in San Antonio and lost by 2 in the Championship game of the Hype SummerJam on a shot from Cam Amboree

#8 : Houston Hoops - Lost by 2 in the Championship of the Lucas All-Star and beat the Hoops three other times, including in the BigFoot Hoops Houston Cup and the semis of the HypeSports Summer Jam on this play : 

They have won every other tournament they have played in during the season, including the tournaments where they played up in 6th grade. They took down the very prestigious MIT Championship, beating #4 CBC Elite in the Elite8, #6 Maryland's Finest in the Final4, and #15 Riverside Hawks in the Championship game. They also beat #6 Maryland's Finest in the 5th place game at AAU Nationals. In Atlanta, they won the Georgia United tournament by beating #4 CBC Elite twice by 20+ points, as well as #9 Atlanta XPress. In their HypeSports SummerJam run, they beat #7 WACG by 20+ points, as well:

This is from the WACG game at HypeSummerJam:

Armed with possibly the deepest and best schedule in the 5th grade class, and having watched the NIKE D1 Shooters, they have top players from the class of 2022 at every position and run 8 deep:

PG - Isaiah Foster - featured through TheLeague and Ty Kish's MiddleSchoolHoops this year :

SG - Drew Steffe

SF - Cason Wallace

WF - Omari Abor

C - Croix Cox

Combo - Arzhonte 'ManMan' Dallas

Combo - TJ Caldwell

Wing - Jalen Smith

The team is finishing up highlight videos from the MIT, from HypeSports SummerJam and from AAU 11U Nationals that we'll profile when they are finished.

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