Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cameron Byers Show the Country You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

The game of basketball at its most elite level is all about development; as the players get bigger, faster, and stronger and the game becomes more structured a premium is placed on the combination of size and skill.  For those watching very closely Cameron Byers is becoming the poster boy for such development.

Coming into the 2014-15 season Byers, who was already considered one of the nation’s best dominated the game from the baseline, block, and mid-post area’s – using a combination of power moves, spins moves, and solid work over both shoulders he was a primary interior force which resulted in him being named as All-First Team Basketball Spotlight and All-First Team NYBL.  

Additionally Byers individual skillset paid dividends in the team concept as he powered his Team Melo Squad to one of the best records in the country; often acting as the catalyst for their success as the team finished 2nd in the NYBL and won every single event they entered except one all year long.

Cameron arrived to DC for the Middle School All-American Game and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp coming off a Top 3 performance at the CP3 Camp in Atlanta.  Needless to say all eyes were on Byers as he went up against the nation’s top talent all weekend long.  His growth and development was reconfirmed and was fully on display as he put his entire package on the table.   

No longer simply a threat in the front court Byers has expanded his game out to 18-20 feet and is playing the game exceptionally well face forward.  He's broadly built with wide shoulders, a naturally strong frame and good agility and athleticism for his size. He runs the floor well and is finishing through contact with both hands.  He's got a super soft touch that is beginning to extends all the way out to the arc and he is shooting it with noticeably more confidence and is becoming a serious problem as a trailer from the top of key with his ability to put the ball on the floor and he is also now a certified problem as a pick and pop guy not just as a roll man.

Byers should all of this and more this past weekend at the Spotlight Camp where is scoring totals where tremendous and for long period he had to be considered one of the best forces in the gym.  Many already think highly of Byers but many have no idea that there is still much more to fear as his continued development makes him one of the toughest covers out there and will push him even higher up the boards as he heads into high school and a three/four NOT a four/five; this proposition alone makes his value immense as he begins to transition into a situation especially as a NIKE circuit player where he will be receiving college looks.  Watch Byers with sunglasses cause the kids future is looking very bright.

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