Friday, August 28, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 2020 Class Positional Rankings*

After a rigorous and competitive weekend scouts collected a plethora of data covering the nation's top talent in the class of 2020 at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; THESE ARE NOT OVERALL NATIONAL RANKINGS OR OVERALL CAMP RANKINGS – these are simply positional camp rankings (#1 - #7 ONLY) based on a TWO DAY PERFORMANCE PERIOD ONLY.  Positional rankings in many arenas is considered to be of the greatest value with respect to recruiting – being the #1 PG will never be devalued even if the overall ranking of the player hypothetically happens to be #50.  Being the best at whom and what you are from a positional standpoint is the key to scholarships, post season all-star games, and post season awards at the high school level.  For example the McDonald's All-American Game candidates are derived from the top 5 players at each position.

*Overall Camp Rankings and National Rankings will be produced at later date.

Point Guard 
Richie Greaves (5'9) NJ
Kenny Womack (5'9) DC
Tyler Brelsfod (5'8) MD
Isaiah Kennedy (5'10) OH
Rahim Ali (5'8) MD
Quaran McPherson (6'2) NY
Will Paige (5'7) VA

Shooting Guard 
Jalen Cone (5'11) NC
Jeremy Roach (5'11) VA
Jordan Toles (6'0) MD
Isaiah LeBlanc (6'2) TX
Keyshawn Johnson (6'1) MD
Rashad McDaniel (6'1) MO
Caleb Bowers (5'10) MD

Che Evans (6'6) MD
Jyare' Davis (6'6) DE
Isaiah Todd  (6'8) VA
Luke Kubuske (6'5) MO
Tommy Anderson (6'0) NV
Corey Barnes (6'0) DE
Tiger Simms (6'2) DC

Cameron Byers (6'6) MD
Terrance Williams (6'6) DC
Chase Ellis (6'4) GA
Justin Lewis (6'6) MD
Qaadir Maneri (6'3) NJ
Omar Haidara (6'3) NY
Dylan Branson (6'2) MO

Hunter Dickinson (6'10) VA
Andrew King (6'8) PA
Montez McNeil (6'5) MD
Zach Martini (6'6) NJ
Rico Lang (6'6) MD

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