Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Top Defenders

The Defensive Player of the Camp award has changed the style of play at the elite camp level. At most camps players are focused on offense and scoring; understands that equal value and importance must be placed on defense to be considered a complete player. As far as honors go in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, this award is the defensive equivalent of the Most Valuable Player Award.

While teams cannot win without putting points up on the board, most analysts feel that a strong defense is necessary for a team to win a championship and all players hoping to play at the college must be able to defend at minimum the position that they play.  Bottom-line defense in the game of basketball is just as important as the offense and these players made a tremendous impact on the defensive side of the ball while our scouts were in the building.

Top Shot Blocker/Defender

2020: Isaiah Todd (VA) / Hunter Dickinson (VA)

2021: Donnell Harris (FL) / Caleb Furst (IN)

2022: Evan Young  (UT)/ Jarace Walker (PA)

2023: DJ Dormu (DC)/ Miles Williams (TX)

2024/2025: Brandon Gibson (CA) / Anthony Saunders (VA)

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