Friday, August 28, 2015

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp 2020 Class Positional Rankings*

After a rigorous and competitive weekend scouts collected a plethora of data covering the nation's top talent in the class of 2020 at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; THESE ARE NOT OVERALL NATIONAL RANKINGS OR OVERALL CAMP RANKINGS – these are simply positional camp rankings (#1 - #7 ONLY) based on a TWO DAY PERFORMANCE PERIOD ONLY.  Positional rankings in many arenas is considered to be of the greatest value with respect to recruiting – being the #1 PG will never be devalued even if the overall ranking of the player hypothetically happens to be #50.  Being the best at whom and what you are from a positional standpoint is the key to scholarships, post season all-star games, and post season awards at the high school level.  For example the McDonald's All-American Game candidates are derived from the top 5 players at each position.

*Overall Camp Rankings and National Rankings will be produced at later date.

Point Guard 
Richie Greaves (5'9) NJ
Kenny Womack (5'9) DC
Tyler Brelsfod (5'8) MD
Isaiah Kennedy (5'10) OH
Rahim Ali (5'8) MD
Quaran McPherson (6'2) NY
Will Paige (5'7) VA

Shooting Guard 
Jalen Cone (5'11) NC
Jeremy Roach (5'11) VA
Jordan Toles (6'0) MD
Isaiah LeBlanc (6'2) TX
Keyshawn Johnson (6'1) MD
Rashad McDaniel (6'1) MO
Caleb Bowers (5'10) MD

Che Evans (6'6) MD
Jyare' Davis (6'6) DE
Isaiah Todd  (6'8) VA
Luke Kubuske (6'5) MO
Tommy Anderson (6'0) NV
Corey Barnes (6'0) DE
Tiger Simms (6'2) DC

Cameron Byers (6'6) MD
Terrance Williams (6'6) DC
Chase Ellis (6'4) GA
Justin Lewis (6'6) MD
Qaadir Maneri (6'3) NJ
Omar Haidara (6'3) NY
Dylan Branson (6'2) MO

Hunter Dickinson (6'10) VA
Andrew King (6'8) PA
Montez McNeil (6'5) MD
Zach Martini (6'6) NJ
Rico Lang (6'6) MD

Caleb Furst 2021 Hoop Star from Hoosier State Dominates will vie for top spot in Country

We have totally fallen in love with the bigman from the mid-west; we have had an eye on him for several years and have been impressed from the first time we laid eyes on him – his continued growth only raises his value, trajectory, and ceiling.  

After a stellar season in the NYBL Caleb was voted First Team All-League; fast forward to August 2015 and Furst would also receive and accept an invitation to the Middle School All-American game and complete his weekend at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

With so much to love about Furst we will work from the bottom to the top; Furst has phenomenal feet; he shows good leverage (plays wide with bent knees) and punishes defenders with a sophisticated set of moves that many high school and college players do not possess.  His feet and footwork as a back to the basket if rivaled by no one on the country – not only is he the best he is the best by a large margin.  

Moving to the frame, length, and size Furst is pushing 6’3 already and has shown (physically) consistent growth; the entire weekend competing against the nation’s best Furst dominated the paint and his battles in the MSAG & Spotlight Camp with fellow big Donnell Harris were epic and depressing for any trying to entertain any thoughts of establishing anything in the paint.  Furst shot blocking skills combined with his ability to keep the ball in play while doing so shows skill, savvy, and intellect when it comes to approaching the game.

Caleb moves very well, and is an outstanding combination of size, skill and athleticism. He is one of the few players in the country that excels both in transition as well as in the half court set. In transition, he can fill the lane and finish and in the half court set he knows how to establish position receive with both hands, finish with both, and we were thoroughly impressed with his passing ability hitting cutters, shooters right in their shooting pockets, as well as outlets to start the break. 

Solid mechanically with the shot and from the free-throw line; the face up progression and putting the ball on the floor from the extended post, mid-post, and shot corner are his next high level progressions.  With such a fundamentally sound footwork game already we expect Caleb Furst to be a terror, a problem, and one of the top players in the class for years to come.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jaden Bradley Steals the Show & Make His Claim for Title of Best in the Land

Jaden Bradley has had a phenomenal three months; first achieving the ultimate team honor in winning the AAU National Championship, he was then selected to the Middle School All-American Game where is was one of the most talented players on the court as well as one of the game’s premier scorers and overall performers.  As it that wasn’t enough Bradley stepped into a gauntlet of talent at the Basketball Spotlight and arguable could be said at time to be the most talented player in the gym in the class of 2022. Bradley at times was flat out unstoppable and he did it with skill and IQ not bully ball.

Bradley already has the basketball frame and as he continues to grow it will only continue to develop.  There is no question that Jaden Bradley must be considered one of the best in the country as well as one of the most versatile.  Coming out of North Carolina we noted a very polished offensive game and with Lamar Odom-like ability to play all 5-postions well at this age group; a future big wing – Bradley already has a ball handling and shooting skillset that creates match-up problems for any individual or team trying to defend him.  He uses moves on moves and counters and places a premium on getting to the painted area where he is an excellent finisher and when fouled he was also able to covert at the line at a very high percentage; the definition of a pure scorer.

A two-way player Jaden makes an impact on both ends and stays engaged both on the ball and as a help side defender.  Showed shot blocking ability as well as being able to guard on the block and stay in front of smaller quicker guards.  Offensively is very skilled forward outside/inside ability. He has a smooth handle that allows him to get by his man from the perimeter, and be a secondary ball handler against pressure. He makes very good decisions with the ball and can deliver passes in tight areas.  A humble hard-worker we are looking at one of the best in the country who will very quickly become a household name and one of the most coveted players in the land.

Devin Houston Arrived From the Show Me State & Showed Out at the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp

Devin Houston 2025 arrived to the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp out of Missouri; visually he looks like a miniature Anthony Peeler another big-time in state talent from years ago.  On the court he plays like a heat seeking missile that has been programmed to attack the basket and paint.  Houston showed that he has received excellent training and displayed the ability to push, handle, and score with both hands.  His mechanics were also very solid; as we saw him knock down shots off the catch throughout the weekend.  One of the youngest in the camp Houston's future is bright.

He's a two-guard who has the whole package. He has an impressive frame great quickness and possesses that rare second gear to blow by his defender. His strength and athleticism allow him to break down defenders and finish; he can hang in the air with exceptional body control for someone so young.

Houston used his physical tools in impressive fashion; the solid framed guard used straight line quickness to get to the areas he wanted to on the court – the combination of these tools and a well-rounded skill set allowed him to excel in transition and his high IQ for such a young player made him effective in the half court set.  Houston played the weekend in attack mode and the results ended with landing a spot on the camps all-star roster.  National profiles are hard to come by but Devin Houston arrived on the scene, etched his name, and established himself as a player to watch moving forward.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Top Defenders

The Defensive Player of the Camp award has changed the style of play at the elite camp level. At most camps players are focused on offense and scoring; understands that equal value and importance must be placed on defense to be considered a complete player. As far as honors go in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, this award is the defensive equivalent of the Most Valuable Player Award.

While teams cannot win without putting points up on the board, most analysts feel that a strong defense is necessary for a team to win a championship and all players hoping to play at the college must be able to defend at minimum the position that they play.  Bottom-line defense in the game of basketball is just as important as the offense and these players made a tremendous impact on the defensive side of the ball while our scouts were in the building.

Top Shot Blocker/Defender

2020: Isaiah Todd (VA) / Hunter Dickinson (VA)

2021: Donnell Harris (FL) / Caleb Furst (IN)

2022: Evan Young  (UT)/ Jarace Walker (PA)

2023: DJ Dormu (DC)/ Miles Williams (TX)

2024/2025: Brandon Gibson (CA) / Anthony Saunders (VA)