Monday, July 13, 2015

P2BBALL.COM 2015 7th Grade 13U AAU Nationals Player Achievement Awards (Part I)

M.V.P – Mike Saunders Jr., George Hill Rising Stars
M.O.P - Jeremy Roach, Team Melo
Best Athlete – Jamario “Pork Chop” Smith, Worldwide Wildcats (AL)
Best Scorer – Rashad Daniels, CMac Bounce/St. Louis Wildcats
Most Versatile - Xavier Dusell, Oakland Soldiers & Nimari Burnett, CE Prodigy
Best Shooter – Ryan Conway, Team Melo
Top Finisher – Kendall Munson, Oakland Soldiers & Kiimani Holt, SD Select
Top Defender – Montez McNeil, Team Melo
Top Rebounder – Josh Rubio, Team Charlotte
Breakout Player/ Fresh-Face – Luke Kasubke, CMac Bounce/St. Louis Wildcats & Luke Hill Team Takeover
Top Lead Guard - Will Paige, Team Melo
Best Passer – Trey Galloway, George Hill Rising Stars
Best Backcourt – CJ Robinson & RJ Davis, NY Gauchos
Best Front Court – Nishawn Hodges, Silas Mason, CBC Elite, Jacolbe Cowan, CBC Elite
Top Prospect(s) – Isiah Todd, Team Silk, Elijah Everett, King Street Kings, Silas Mason, CBC Elite
Most Underrated – Deontae Craig, George Hill Rising Stars, Jacobi Wright, CBC Elite
Future Star/Player to Watch – Tristian Maxwell, Team Charlotte & Chibuzo Agbo, SD Select
Game of Tournament – Team Melo vs. NY Gauchos 
Clutch Shot of Tournament – Jeremy Roach, Team Melo vs. NY Gauchos
Best Teammate/Leadership Award – Alex Wade, SD Select, Jordan McPhatter, CBC Elite

Honorable Mention
Jaylen Clark, WF, West Coast All-Stars
TEAM LOADED #35, F, Team Loaded
Zach Blackwell, SG, Team Silk
Majesty Johnson, G, NY Rens
Caleb Murphy, PG, Atlanta Volt
Beon Riley, SG, SD Select
Chuck Harris, SG, 023 Feet
Trevor Keels, WF, Team Takeover
Marquise Thompson, Team Melo
Josh Christopher, WG, Oakland Soldiers
Thomas Notarainni, WG, SD Select
Demarco Watson, WG, NY Gauchos
Brevin Jefferson, SG, George Hill Rising Stars
Dylan Branson, WF, Bmac Bounce/St. Louis Wildcats
Jamaal Barns, WG, Team Takeover
Brock Williams, PG, Team Charlotte
Josiah Hardy, WF, 023 Feet
Kenney Tracy, WG, George Hill Rising Stars  
Devon Smith, WG, Atlanta Volt
Jake Koverman, F, Team Melo
Jamir Thomas, PG, Oakland Soldiers
Amari Bell, WG, Team Takeover
Caleb Coombs, F, Team Melo
Isaiah Folks, PG, 023 Feet
Devin Askew, G, Oakland Soldiers

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  1. Was nationals this different this year for 2020? Where was Shemar Morrow Kyree Walker Hunter Jackson Donovan Billings Jordan Toles Jalen Suggs Jason Harris Terrence Williams? I know WACG couldn't make it this year but did all of the other guys I listed attend nationals?