Friday, July 24, 2015

John Mobley Jr. - So Young But Yet So Good

The cream of the crop in the class of 2024; John Mobley Jr. is an anomaly – he is quite frankly one of the most talented youth players we have seen at this same stage.  The kids approach to the game from a training, preparation, a dedication standpoint is unmatched and must be respected even by basketball most serious and talented members.

With swag personified he is fearless in his on the court approach and can hurt you anywhere on the floor.  More than a scorer his vision and “make the right play” decision making prowess makes him even harder to guard than a young “bucket chaser” – he understands already the value of making those around him better.  As well he is a committed defender who will get up in you baseline to baseline.  

Offensively he is a stud and must be guarded closely anytime the ball is in his hand, the efficiency with which he plays is better than some top HS players – note the use of the two and three dribble moves into shots.  The space creation, the catch and shoot; he has the entire package and he knows it.  His workout regime isn’t pro level; he is working out with the pro seeing and doing what they are doing in the gym. 

Without question Mobley is the national measuring stick for the class of 2024 and it has been rumored that his next national appearance will be in the Maryland area at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, coming off his 7th place finish in 5th GRADE NATIONALS.  For those that want to see him live this may be your opportunity for those that can’t we have obtained footage from a recent camp where you can see his full skill set on display.  

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