Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Baller: Trey Patterson (Part II)

What’s up everyone, Trey Patterson here once again!

To start my week off, on Sunday, I went to Crystal Springs waterpark, with a couple of my friends to relax, and have fun, like normal kids do, before starting my hectic week ahead. 

On Monday I started another full week of basketball camp at Rutgers Prep. It was fun and a hardworking camp just like last week.  At this week’s camp, there was slightly a larger amount of older kids so the competition was pretty decent, which gave me an opportunity to test my skills against older and stronger players.  The camp main focus this week was on increasing your knowledge in a team setting such as pick & rolls and back door cuts.

After a full day of camp on Tuesday, I went home and relaxed for a few hours before going to workout once again, on my individual skills at the Basketball Warehouse.  The focus at the Basketball Warehouse is to build your skills and confidence while improving your ball handling, passing, shooting and mental toughness.  I like these workouts because they are very intense and the trainers force you to work hard to improve and get better.

To start my weekend, Friday night, I slept over one of my teammates house. We had a great time laughing and joking over old team photos from over the years. 

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to the Karl Anthony-Towns camp in Edison, NJ. He was the 2015 NBA #1 draft pick and he is from New Jersey.  I really enjoyed the camp, and it’s nice to see Karl give back to the kids of his home state.  What I really enjoyed most, was being able to play Karl 1 on 1.  Karl gives hope to NJ kids like myself, that maybe one day, that could be me. I just have to keep working hard and the Sky is the Limit.  Karl showed us drills and stretches that they do in the NBA to warm-up.  After the first day of camp, a couple of my teammates and I, ate lunch with Karl Towns and his father at a local pizzeria, which was really cool.  Karl is a very fun and outgoing person. He acts like he’s my age because he is so playful.

To end my weekend, my dad took me to my uncle’s house to swim with my family and friends.

I’m looking forward to attending the CP3 camp in Atlanta, this upcoming weekend…

See You Next Time,
Trey Patterson

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